How to Get More Z’s

How to Get More Z's |

Z and I’ve been wearing amber glasses (or these gamer glasses by Gunnar) for a while now and they help our sleep so much. (Why? Blue light emitted from electronic screens at night blocks melatonin…and that’s the hormone that helps put you to sleep. And most of us have our faces glued to screens in the evening.) 

We both started with amber glasses but they looked a little goofy for him to wear to work at night. His sleep quality started to go down once he started working in the store again because the lights are OFFENSIVELY bright. Once he got a normal looking pair of glasses like these from Gunnar Optiks he started to wear them to work in the evenings. (I have no affiliation with Gunnar…I just really like them.)


In the 3 months since he’s had them, his sleep quality has improved again. He tracks his sleep nightly with Sleep Cycle and has for years. Could there be another explanation for this improvement? Maybe, but it coincides exactly with when he started to wear Gunnars to work.

If you suffer from restless sleep, please invest in a cheap pair of amber glasses to start (just search “amber glasses” on Amazon). They’re about $8. They even have inexpensive prescription versions. These Gunnars are more expensive but I find them more comfortable. They’re also great for wearing for prolonged work on the computer. Yes, there are apps and screen changing programs like f.lux, but they can’t help when you’re watching tv at night and they don’t block other ambient light.

I know a lot of you don’t sleep well so I wanted to pass this along to you. Wishing you better z’s.

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