Are You Ready to Get Wicked Strong?

I'm Steph Gaudreau...
strength coach, nutrition nerd & zombie slayer.

I believe in the limitless strength
you have inside you right now.
I help women like you find theirs.

I’ll help you become stronger so you can achieve your full potential.

fbp-56-of-68That strength takes many forms, and it looks like resiliency of mind, body, and spirit.

It looks like focusing on the process.

It looks like pursing the things that light you up.

It looks like taking care of you…because who else will?

If you’re ready to…

  • cut through all the noise out there in the online fitness and nutrition space…
  • learn the safest, most effective ways to strengthen your body…
  • get away from the 7-day detoxes and ridiculous exercise challenges…
  • embrace the idea that true health and happiness isn’t tied to your dress size…
  • stop bullshitting yourself about what it really means to be strong (Hint: It ain’t the new sexy)…

…you’ve come to the right place.

I’m Steph Gaudreau.

You’re just as likely to find me snuggled up on the couch with my cat as you are to find me with a heavy barbell on my shoulders, and I’m known to have some pretty strong opinions.

I won’t mince words: I’ll challenge you in ways you never considered and make you question everything you’ve ever been fed by the diet and weight loss industries.

Things I love: lifting heavy things off the floor, nourishing my body with the foods it needs, and challenging myself every day to change the conversation about strength.

Find me across the web whether it’s writing on my main website, Stupid Easy Paleo, podcasting my show Harder to Kill Radio, or coaching my Harder to Kill Challenge.

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  • Strength School

    Strength School |

    12 week mindset remix

    Dive in deep and take action toward living a stronger, more confident life on YOUR terms.


  • Strength School

    Strength School |

    Small group coaching mastermind.

    Dive in deep and take action toward living a stronger, more confident life on YOUR terms.

  • Women’s Strength Summit


    The #1 online strength conference by women, for women!


  • Stupid Easy Paleo


    That comes from a lifestyle, not a specific diet. It’s how you nourish and strengthen your body, recharge your energy, and think about the world.


  • Harder to Kill Radio


    Harder to Kill Radio brings you real talk about nutrition, fitness, and mindset.


  • Harder to Kill Challenge

    6 Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Resilient You

    Restrictive dieting, hours of pointless cardio, and being super stressed are soooo last year.


About Me

Hey, it’s me, Steph Gaudreau. I’m the holistic nutritionist, weightlifting coach, best-selling author, and photographer behind this site and the popular blog I help women just like you get strong, fit and confident so they can stop wishing and start doing.

More recently, I started a #1-rated health podcast called Harder to Kill Radio. I realized the world was full of incredible people that I wanted to talk to who are dedicating their lives to building unbreakable humans through nutrition, fitness, and mindset—a true holistic approach to wellness and resilience.

Nothing gets me more fired up than helping people tap into their unlimited potential, harness their strength and confidence, and create the lifestyle that they’ve always dreamed of for themselves.

When I’m not working you can find me hanging out my husband Z and my cat Ellie, coaching weightlifting here in San Diego, tending to my urban beehive, and probably drinking coffee (AM) or eating chocolate (PM).

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