10 Signs You Know You’re Really Paleo…

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10 Signs You Know You're Really Paleo | stephgaudreau.com

If you’ve been Paleo long enough, there are probably plenty of tell-tale signs that it’s become less of set of restrictions and more of a lifestyle. Here are 10 signs you know you’re really Paleo…

#1 You freak out just a little when the store runs out of coconut aminos.

#2 You’re finally not scared of eating fat. Tasty, yummy fat.

#3 You’ve considered buying at least 1/4 of a cow or pig on one or more occasions.

#4 You forget to order “no bun” because it’s just so automatic you assume everyone should know.

#5 You’ve stopped having to ask your barista for heavy cream in your coffee. S/He just knows.

#6 Your Amazon wish list is full of Paleo cookbooks.

#7 You use your slow cooker more than your oven.

#8 Making things like homemade fermented veggies, bone broth and ghee doesn’t strike fear into your heart anymore.

#9 Your family’s finally stopped asking you about “that crazy diet your on” and now come to you for advice about starting Paleo.

#10 Your friends tag you in everything bacon-related they see on social media.

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10 Signs You Know You're Really Paleo | stephgaudreau.com

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