From Derby to Cookbooks with Mel Joulwan: Harder to Kill Radio 002

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Harder to Kill Radio 002 - Melissa Joulwan |

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Who doesn’t want to be well fed?

My very first guest has taken that question and luckily answered it for all of us, creating a phenomenon along the way.

Melissa Joulwan, author of the the Well Fed cookbook series, has had quite the unlikely path from the corporate world to the creator of her own mega-successful website, The Clothes Make the Girl, a paleo classic, stuffed to the gills with delicious recipes and captivating stories that draw you in.

In this episode of Harder to Kill Radio, Mel and I chat about how she got roped into roller derby, how an unlikely blog idea blossomed into a business, and her paradoxical idea of what it takes to become unbreakable. Not only is Mel a colleague and someone I greatly admire for always sticking to her guns and marching to the beat of her own drum, she’s a wonderful friend. I’m thrilled she’s here as my first guest.

To play the episode right here, scroll up to the big yellow bar with the play button! Simple. This player is sweet because you can speed up the audio, share it, and download it directly. While we wait for iTunes approval, this will be the only way to listen.

Harder to Kill Radio 001 - Steph Gaudreau |

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The first book she wrote before her Well Fed phenomenon.
  • Learn the ultimate zombie attack preparedness workout and how her blog traffic grew.
  • The evolution of her personal food philosophy.
  • How to thrive after a thyroidectomy.
  • Why living Whole30 makes her feel her very best.
  • The familiar female struggles of self-judgment and finding healthy boundaries with self discipline.
  • What it means to be kinder to yourself and love the life you live.
  • Mel’s ingredients for being an unbreakable human.

Links and Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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I’ll see you again tomorrow for Episode 3 with my favorite new friend, naturopathic doctor Dr. Jolene Brighten. You don’t want to miss this one!

Harder to Kill Radio 002 - Melissa Joulwan |

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