Self-Sabotage – Harder to Kill Radio #138

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Self-sabotage is one of the toughest parts about making healthy lifestyle change stick, and if you experience it, you’re not alone. Why is self-sabotage such a common frustration for people trying to make lifestyle change?

Self-Sabotage – Harder to Kill Radio #138 |

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Why Self-Sabotage?

Simple put, it can prevent you from making forward progress in other areas of health.

In fact, mindset in general is one of those umbrella topics that influences our ability to make better choices. Yet unlike diet and exercise, mindset is a much more abstract thing. It’s hard to touch mindset. Sometimes, that makes working on it that much more tricky.

How, then, can you get a handle on mindset work?

In this episode, the last in my Core Four pillar of health series, I’m introducing you to different reasons you may be self-sabotaging and providing three starting points for exploring the impact of mindset in your own life.

If you’re just starting out on your wellness journey, remember that it’s common to address the other three pillars of the Core Four first:

  • Eat Nourishing Foods
  • Strengthen Your Body
  • Recharge Your Energy

Sometimes, you have to start feeling better in your body and build up the energy to tackle the Get Your Mindset Right pillar. That’s totally okay!

On Today’s Episode

  • 4 common reasons for self-sabotaging
  • 3 ways to get yourself started working on mindset
  • The 30,000 foot view on mindset

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