21 Days of Weightlifting is On!

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The 21 Days of Weightlifting is on, and I want you to join me.

21 Days of Weightlifting | StupidEasyPaleo.com

If you wanna make your oly lifts smooth like buttah…

Sign up for my FREE 21 Days of Weightlifting (#21DaysofWL) email series. I’m bringing you the best technique fixes to level up your clean, snatch & jerk. Iron out the kinks and finally feel confident under the bar.

Starting June 21, I’m sharing 21 days of coaching insights via email about Olympic-style weightlifting…the barbell clean, snatch, and jerk. Expect some secret squirrel tips and mindset stuff, too. I know oly can be intimidating AF, so I’m here to help.

I want you to participate because practice = how you get better! No barbell? No problem. All you need is an empty bar, broomstick or PVC pipe and a small space at home or at the gym. Whether you have a little experience or a lot, you’ll get tips that work.

Post your progress and what you’re working on to your social media with the #21DaysofWL hashtag. Share whenever you want! You just might inspire someone in your life to try it, too.

At the end of 21 Days of Weightlifting, I’ll tell you how you can work with me. I’m cooking up something super rad: my brand new Lifting Unlocked video course. If you’re stoked to keep lifting and really dial in your form, I’ll be here to coach you to new PRs.

See what everyone’s up to by following the #21DaysofWL hashtag on Instagram.

It’s free to participate in this email series, and you can hop in at any time…if you find out once we started, that’s okay. Jump in anyway.

21 Days of Weightlifting | StupidEasyPaleo.com

I’m so pumped to see how you improve. It’s gonna be a blast!

You’re in good hands. I’m a USA Weightlifting-certified coach with two years & hundreds of hours club coaching experience at Fortius Weightlifting in San Diego. Seven years ago, I started lifting and fell in love with the sport. I can’t wait to support you!

Who’s 21 Days of Weightlifting for? Anyone who:

  • wants to make their olympic-style lifts smooth as buttah.
  • is frustrated as hell with the snatch or clean or jerk. (Or all of them.)
  • has hit a plateau in their oly lifts.
  • feels intimidated by the bar.

Who it’s not for:

If you’re an elite lifter on a special program, you’re looking for specific programming (that’s coming later), or you’re certain the way you’ve been doing things is the only right way.

I totally get how frustrating weightlifting can be.

I’ve been lifting for seven years and coaching for two. When I first started I had NO EFFING CLUE what I was doing. After a few months of lifting, I couldn’t muscle the bar anymore…

…but I didn’t have the technique to get better. My clean, jerk, and snatch hit a plateau and I felt so defeated.

Here’s one of my first-ever clean and jerk sessions. (Promise not to laugh. It hardly even looks like me.)

 And here’s what it looks like today. Shows you how much can change in 7 years!

The point is, if I can improve, so can you.


And I want to help you make your lifts smooth as buttah.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of strength, power, and explosiveness that comes with a perfectly executed snatch, clean, or jerk.

It’s as much a mental game as it is a physical one, so #21DaysofWL will also cover the space between your ears, too.

Alright, no time to waste. 

Let’s do it!

Pin the 21 Days of Weightlifting for later.

21 Days of Weightlifting | StupidEasyPaleo.com

Photos: Richwell Correa

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