3 Reasons to Get “Beyond Bacon”

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Southwestern Chorizo Burger with Fried Eggs (p. 108)
Southwestern Chorizo Burger with Fried Eggs (p. 108)

Paleo has almost become synonymous with a group of crazy bacon-lovers who shout their affinity of crispy pork goodness from every rooftop [and would you blame us?].

It seems that the rest of the swine has almost become an after-thought though, but thanks to the Paleo Parents – Matthew McCarry and Stacy Toth – there is so much porcine potential left to discover.

I was lucky enough to get a preview of their drool-worthy new book “Beyond Bacon” which will be released on July 2, 2013.Without further adieu, here are three reasons to get yourself a copy:

#1 It’s part reference book, part cookbook (two for the price of one).

Nestled inside the covers are dozens and dozens of tantalizing recipes which cover everything from the basics – like rendering your own lard – to the sophisticated foodie-esque desserts such as Prosciutto and Roasted Peach Ice Cream. But beyond that, the front part of the book is jammed with all sorts of useful information and [much to my ultimate delight] SCIENCE. Questions like, “Will pink pork kill me?” are answered with straight-to-the-point information. You’ll also find helpful advice on standard pork cooking techniques like making your own sausage and smoking, among others.

Cracklin' Pork Belly (p. 136)
Cracklin’ Pork Belly (p. 136)

#2 It’s definitely more than just a book to cram on your bookshelf and forget about.

The feel and design of the book reminds me of so many of the cool, farm-to-table restaurants that are becoming more popular these days. It’s like you’ve stepped inside the hand-drawn chalk board menu into a complete world of hog heaven. The photos leave you wanting more and honestly, I had a hard time deciding which recipes to make first! Displaying this book on your coffee table for guests to thumb through is an absolute must.

#3 The food is damn tasty.

Of the recipes I’ve made so far, the Mexican Chorizo (which I then turned into Southwestern Chorizo Burgers with Fried Egg) and the Cracklin’ Pork Belly were standouts. The book takes you through sweet, savory, smoked, grilled, and every other porky preparation you can think of. Stews, carnitas, a whole section on fried goodies, desserts…you name it, “Beyond Bacon” definitely lives up to its name.

Convinced yet? To preorder “Beyond Bacon” on Amazon, click here. You won’t be disappointed!


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