4 Ways to Shift Your Fitness Mindset – Harder to Kill Radio 174

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Still see exercise from a place of restriction and punishment? Let’s change all that!

Still see exercise from a place of restriction and punishment? Let's change all that! Learn 4 new ways to shift your fitness mindset. - Harder to Kill Radio 174 | StephGaudreau.com

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4 Ways to Shift Your Fitness Mindset

In my community, it’s common for folks to still view exercise and fitness from a place of restriction and punishment. And no wonder. Look around at advertising and the messages out there that movement is solely for burning calories or making up for what we ate, like physical penance. So many of us grew up with this mentality that it can be hard to envision any other way.

In this episode, I’m pulling apart four unhelpful ways of looking at exercise and digging into how each is ultimately harmful and takes you away from what’s right for you. Is it possible to see fitness and movement in general from a place where you nourish yourself? I say yes. It doesn’t mean you can’t ever do hard things or that exercise isn’t uncomfortable at times…those are powerful experiences. My challenge to you is to examine where your fitness beliefs come from.

On Today’s Episode

  • Why listening to your body may seem foreign…but is necessary
  • The one thing women need to stop ignoring when they’re in the gym
  • Why “more is more” fitness culture needs to die
  • Why one size does not fit all when it comes to exercise

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