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Today, we continue the “5 Questions with…” series with Justin Miller from Limitless365. You see, Justin’s not just a Paleo dude. His site is chock full of awesome tips for everything from fitness to happiness. I was introduced to Justin virtually through my friend Dave, graphic artist and creative entrepreneur behind Creatively Published (if you want to self-publish a book, check out his site) and Fresh Rag, and immediately liked the vibe he was sending out into the world. If you’re looking for coaching about how to do Paleo, Justin just may be the right fit for you. Without further adieu, here’s Justin’s answers to the my 5 questions…


What first brought you to eating Paleo/Primal? How did you find out about it?

I’ve actually been eating Paleo before I actually knew it was Paleo 🙂 I grew up in a household where I was taught to cook by my grandmother by the age of 7 or 8, somewhere around there. She figured if I was going to be hanging around her all day I might as well make myself useful.

These cooking sessions helped as I grew up and started to discover what foods worked well for me and which ones did not. Around 18 I stopped playing competitive sports and started weight training, doing Crossfit style stuff, and experimenting with extreme sports. I kept logs and journals, all very detailed about how certain workouts and foods made me feel. I started to discover over time that I just didn’t feel right or get the results I was hoping both aesthetically and performance wise.

What are the biggest changes you’ve noticed with yourself since you’ve adopted the Paleo/Primal lifestyle?

By far the biggest one is digestion, followed by body composition. Bloating, water retention, among other things are no existent now.

I’ve actually noticed that I virtually have no appetitie. I have to remind or schedule myself to eat. I feel satiated all day long. Not good for a skinny dude but I’m okay with it.

Tell me about Limitless365 What’s your mission?

Over at the Lab I’m interested in getting better at being human. I spend most of my free time studying human behavior and why we do the things we do. I’ve come to find health, wealth, and personal relationships are the three biggest areas of life that many of us struggle with. Underneath those three topics falls many sub categories like confidence, procrastination, and love – amongst others but those three are areas that I want to master and share with others.

What motivated you to start coaching others? What’s the greatest thrill and the greatest challenge?

I got motivated to start coaching others when I realized so many people were coming to me through email, in person, etc. asking me what I do for workouts, nutrition, or why I’m in such a frickin good mood all the time 🙂 And honestly, I love people! I consider myself a life enthusiast, knowledge junkie, and someone who loves to share what he learns with others. Wait a minute, I’m one of those people I despised so much growing up. (Gasp!) I’m a teacher.

The thrill is helping someone acheive something they originally thought impossible and even better if they have this complete personal transformation, body, mind, and soul. It’s amazing to see how health and wellness can affect someone’s confidence and self esteem, communication skills, and willingness to experience new things.

The greatest challenge is wanting to help too much. You can’t want someone to change or make improvements more than they want to and sometimes it can get frustrating.

If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be and why? 

I’d say a butterfly. They are so carefree and have the ability to change (metamorphosize) with ease and comfort, something that is super vital in the world today.

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