5 strategies for getting honest with yourself podcast art episode 234 harder to kill radio

5 Strategies for Getting Honest with Yourself – Harder to Kill Radio 234

What you can’t see honestly, you can’t address objectively. On this podcast episode, learn five strategies for getting radically – but compassionately – honest with yourself.

5 strategies for getting honest with yourself podcast art episode 234 harder to kill radio

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5 Strategies for Getting Honest with Yourself

Okay time for some real talks.

Mentally beating yourself up, talking shit to yourself, and using negative motivation are not long-term, sustainable, kind solutions to making change in your life.

Practicing self-compassion – the awareness and attempts to soothe your own pain – is so incredibly important. And yes, when you’re used to using the former strategy to prompt change, self-compassion can feel fkn hard. But that’s why self-compassion is a practice…rarely something you can flip the switch on overnight.

People often ask, “Well if I’m kind to myself, then I’m just letting myself be lazy and [insert here, usually has to do with catastrophic-type thinking] will happen.”

Here’s a subtle distinction that my help you:

Self-compassion can co-exist with getting super honest with yourself. Getting honest with yourself and taking responsibility for what’s been under your control is NOT the same as negative self-talk. But often, it takes looking at a situation as objectively as possible before you’re able to move ahead.

What you don’t see honestly is hard to address objectively.

In this episode, I’m sharing five strategies that may help you move forward with self-compassion + honesty:

On Today’s Episode

  • What self-compassion is
  • How honesty and self-compassion can exist
  • Why honesty is necessary for objective action
  • Why catastrophic or all-or-nothing thinking isn’t helpful
  • 5 strategies for getting more honest with yourself

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