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50 Epic Tips for Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

There’s nothing inherently wrong with feeling comfortable with life from time to time. But most people agree that taking a step outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens.

You’ve probably seen a version of this on your travels around the interwebs before:

50 Tips for Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone | StupidEasyPaleo.com

Leaving your comfort zone feels like being juuuust beyond your capacity. It’s doing something that gives you that excited – though slightly terrified – feeling. And it usually means pushing your personal boundaries to a slightly higher risk, higher reward state.

But sometimes you get stuck…really stuck.

It’s easy to feel like the edge of your comfort zone is a cliff where you’ll fall off into space. Many people I’ve talked to so badly want to try new things, but they only imagine the worst-case scenario. If that’s you, do you ever consider there’s an equal but opposite best-case scenario waiting for you outside your comfort zone?

To help nudge you on your journey, I’ve gathered tips and advice from 50 excellent coaches, teachers, and thought leaders that I know and look up to about how to step outside your comfort zone.

Enjoy and share!

50 Epic Tips for Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone | StupidEasyPaleo.com

1) Jen Sinkler of Unapologetically Strong

“Start by signing up with a friends. Make it a one-off, low-commitment affair. Get used to the sensation of being new, of starting from scratch or at the bottom. You’ll get used to it, and even start liking it, if you can set the story of perfection free. Eventually, you won’t need a buddy to get there.”

2) Dr. Lindsey Mathews of Birthfit

“Take a deep breath, and just do you.” 

3) Rachael Bryant of Meatified

“As an occasional perfectionist, just know this: no one cares. Everyone’s too wrapped up in their own lives, goals, and dreams to be waiting around for you to ‘fail’ like you fear. You have to let go of caring what others people think, not least because you’re probably wrong in your assumptions.”

4) Annie Miller of Fit Design by Annie

“Take action before you are comfortable. You’re never ‘ready,’ just start taking action in the direction you want to go.” 

5) Jamie Scott of Ancestral Health Society New Zealand

“Walk a different path. Literally. One of the things we tend to do is travel the same routes day after day. This can get us too comfortable, too rigid, and too set in our ways. Just literally traveling a different route can get us used to being in the unfamiliar.”

 6) Maris Degener of Yoga Maris

“You can do hard things. You were not put on this planet to only do what comes easily to you. If you were, you’d have burst into flames of enlightenment by now.” 

7) Dave Conrey of DaveConrey.com

“Every single step outside your comfort zone expands your realm of possibility, and diminishes your fear of the unknown. That’s an amazing feeling, but you’ll never know it until you take that first step.”

8) Allegra Stein of AllegraStein.com

Normalize mistakes. Expect them. Celebrate them. Make lots of them. If you let mistakes be okay you’ll be much more willing to make decisions. And decisions = action. And through taking action is where you’ll learn.”

9) Craig Zielinski of Strong.AF

“Nothing’s ever as bad as your mind imagines it could be.”

10) Shawn Stevenson of The Model Health Show

“When it comes to getting outside your comfort zone, be proactive, not reactive. Consciously put yourself in situations that force you to grow and develop dormant qualities. If you don’t, life has a way of throwing you curveballs and making you grow, especially if you were planning on coasting.”

11) Danielle Natoni of Fit And Funky

“Staying inside your comfort zone is easy. You don’t do easy. You are stronger than that. Stepping outside your comfort zone takes courage. You have it within you to do hard things.”

12) April Ghiroli of The Athlete Daily

“When was the last time you were really, really proud of accomplishing something easy? We get the most satisfaction out of challenging what we can do and doing things others – or ourselves – doubt. Everything new is going to be a little weird at first, a little uncomfortable. But most things you really want to do – in life or in training – require time and effort and being uncomfortable.”

50 Epic Tips for Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone | StupidEasyPaleo.com

13) Dallas Hartwig of The Living Experiment Podcast

“Familiarity and safety are worthwhile, but if those desires rule the roost, everything stagnates: your health, your relationships, your creativity, and your joy. Too often, we seek a safe and predictable future. Fear of the unknown is actually a necessary ingredient for a vibrant life where you continue to grow, so don’t try to avoid situations that scare the hell out of you. When you can, step into that fear – you’ll find a surprising richness there.”

14) Amy Densmore of Paleo Cupboard

“I remind myself that every time I succeed at something that once scared me it makes me feel ridiculously fantastic. And then I pull up my big girl panties and leap.”

15) Ciarra Hannah of Popular Paleo

“Research. The more information I have the more comfortable I feel about taking the leap.”

16) Taylor Gage of She Thrives 

There’s no rush more intoxicating than putting your faith in yourself and taking a leap. In trusting in your abilities and adaptability alike, in deciding that you will have your own back, for better or for worse. In fully relying on and believing in you. Take the risk, do the scary thing, get uncomfortable, and watch that fortitude morph into a bulletproof, deeply rooted confidence. As they say, leap, and the net will appear. And you may find that you are the net, after all.”

17) Dr. Theresa Larson of Warrior

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Many people want things and have goals, but you have to take action! Take the shot, what do you have to lose? Most likely nothing! What do you have to gain? Possibly everything!”

18) Natasha Gildea of The Feisty Kitchen

“Pushing past comfort zones may evoke emotions that don’t always feel ‘good.’ But that’s how I know I’m ALIVE. I’d rather live a life feeling ALL the feelings than live a life feeling nothing at all.”

19) Dr. Jolene Brighten of DrBrighten.com

“You can look back at life regretting what you didn’t do or you can look back and say, ‘At least I tried.’ Personally, I’d rather die living and trying than live a life full of regret.”

20) Kristen Boehmer of Living Loving Paleo

“Tell yourself that ‘I’ve got this’ and then just go for it. If you feel paralyzed by fear, ask yourself, what do you really have to lose by going after what you want? What’s the worst that can happen? If you wait for everything to be perfect and for the fear to pass, the odds are that you’ll be waiting forever.”

21) Anders Varner of The Low Back Fix

“Think, ‘I, didn’t die.’ At first, leaving your comfort zone is nothing more than survival. But, if you practice enough, ‘I didn’t die,’ quickly evolves into, ‘They can’t kill me.'”

22) Molly Galbraith of Girls Gone Strong

“Everything is going to be OK. Always. You can handle anything life throws at you. Embarrassment, loss, pain, unmet expectations, perceived failure…anything. Once you realize that, you’re no longer afraid to try.”

23) Nicole Zapoli of NicoleZapoli.com

“Never allow fear to make you a slave. Choose to conquer and achieve victory and freedom over your fear. A fear is simply a challenge, and challenges are fun and lead to growth.”

24) Kate Galliett of Fit For Real Life

“Make the nervousness when you’re about to do something big/scary/new a fave feeling. It means you’re alive and living with intention.”

25) Jake Thompson of Compete Every Day

“I encourage setting a 21 day challenge of asking for a ‘no.’ Make a request, to a stranger, once per day that’s so crazy you expect a ‘no.’ It tricks your mind because many times, you’re already set up for rejection, and people surprise you. It’s a good lesson in learning to ask for what you want and understanding that unless you lean into the discomfort and ask, you won’t receive it. Helps to start stepping into the unknown.”

50 Epic Tips for Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone | StupidEasyPaleo.com

26) Laura Bruner of My Radical Roots

“Choose your happy, even if it’s uncomfortable getting there.”

27) Cassy Joy Garcia of Fed and Fit

“Remember that your Ideal Fitness Fit (IFF or fitness soulmate) IS out there! Keep experimenting with different fitness avenues until you find one that fits with your schedule, budget, and interests. A workout doesn’t have to feel like punishment. Your IFF – when you find it – will light you up!”

28) Beth Manos Brickey of Tasty Yummies

“If you say ‘no’ to something new because you let the fear of failure stop you before you even start, you never give yourself the opportunity to shine. Allow yourself to say ‘yes’ to success!”

29) Mel Joulwan of Well Fed

“This might sound unhinged, but these are the words that pop into my mind when I’m frightened by an idea: You’re going to be dead some day. It’s not the spectre of time running out that motivates me, but the ideas that whatever fear is giving me pause – the unknown, the embarrassment, vulnerability – is momentary and in my mind. It will all be over some day! I might as well keep my eyes wide open and enjoy the ride.”

30) Noelle Tarr of Coconuts and Kettlebells

“Stop living by someone else’s rules. Assess what’s important and true to you, and let that drive your actions.”

31) Mia Kakebeeke of Coach Mia

“Choose something small, and go for it. Whether its trying something new, like writing a blog post, going to a new fitness class or launching your own business, just take a small step in that direction. Start with a small discomfort and become comfortable with the feeling of discomfort of getting out of your zone. You will soon realize how great you feel after you accomplish your goal and little by little your comfort zone will expand to allow you to tackle greater and greater discomforts. It will never get ‘easier’…you will just learn to cope with greater levels of discomfort as your comfort zone expands.” 

32) Fab Giovanetti of FabGiovanetti.com

“There are so many ways to get out of your comfort zone. As a personal trainer and someone who is always look to challenge her own definition of strength and her clients’ limits, I find that a challenge such as a mud race, obstacle race or marathon can be a great way to put your body to test. Also as an entrepreneur, a physical challenge can definitely get you out of your head AND put you in touch with your body big time!”

33) Myke Macapinlac of Social Confidence Mastery

“Whatever you’re afraid of, ask yourself what the worst-case scenario is. Be as realistic as possible and ask yourself what can you do to prepare for it. Often times the idea of failure is greatly exaggerated in your head that it could actually be paralyzing. Doing this process will help you look at whatever your afraid of more realistically and be able to do something about it.”

34) Ashley Beaver of My Active Roots

“Life usually involves two paths. One is comfortable and the other one involves risk, pain, fear, tears, nerves, and a whole lot of crap that’s going to challenge every move you make. But what’s worse? Staying in one place forever? Or living a life of exciting challenges? Sure, you might not win every battle. But you will win some. And those moments are the greatest part about life. Live life to the fullest. Do the things that excite you and make you the happiest. You won’t regret it.”

35) Trish DaCosta of Barbell Pilates

“The only way out of fear and out of the comfort zone is to bulldoze right through your current, limiting mindset. Write out every worst case, doomsday scenario that could happen, then jot down every possible solution for it. This is the mental prep game I use myself to see that ultimately, I have the power to find a solution or work-around for whatever may come up by going outside my comfort zone.”

36) Shane Farmer of Dark Horse Rowing

“Realize that your mind and body can thrive in bouts of extreme discomfort if you ask it to. They won’t go there on their own though…it requires making the choice to go to a dark, unexplored place. It takes being inquisitive about who you are and who you could be. Which will you choose?”
50 Epic Tips for Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone | StupidEasyPaleo.com

37) Megan Blacksmith of Ginger Newtrition

“Make a practice of getting outside your comfort zone every day. The more awkward conversations and uncomfortable actions you take, the easier it becomes, and the sooner you realize that nothing horrible happened!” 

38) Jesse Malcomb of CrossFit Fortius

“No one has ever reached their full potential by only training their strengths – consistently training outside their comfort zones is where champions are made.”

39) Josh Trent of Wellness Force

“Comfort doesn’t kill, fear does. The graveyards are filled with the unrealized dreams of those who believed that fear told the truth. But 99% of all fear is irrational; based on ancient signals, designed by evolution to keep us alive. In our modern world, where dreams are more possible than ever before, it’s training our mind to act in spite of fear that unlocks the abundance we seek.”

40) Jen Fugo Gresh of Gluten Free School

“Getting out of your comfort zone by trying something new = discovering your new favorite activity/food/experience that you’ll wish you’d experienced sooner. Do it, and don’t look back!”

41) Nick Shaw of Renaissance Periodization

“Just get out there, and do it. There’s always a reason not to; sometimes you just have to go all in.”

42) Dr. Anastasia Boulais of Re-Evolutionary

“Being in a comfort zone implies that you maintain status quo. In real life, this is rarely the case. You are either moving forward or moving backwards. We all know what happens to limbs immobilized in a plaster cast: muscles atrophy, joints stiffen, and bones lose density. Always staying in your comfort zone is like wearing a cast: you get weak without even realizing it. Exposure to challenges – physical, mental, emotional – is the only way to grow. What part of your life are you keeping in a cast right now?”

43) Tony Federico of Natural Force

“Getting out of your comfort zone and challenging the status quo implies risk, vulnerability, and the experience of fear. Because this is an ancient, hardwired response, the challenge for us modern humans, then, is to learn how to accept, listen to, and work with fear, not to avoid it or to ignore it. Challenge yourself to tackle ‘little’ fears every day, and over time you will realize that your capacity to manage fear develops just like a muscle.”

44) Sarah Al-Khayyal of Pearls Before Twine

“There’s this beautiful little space called the Challenge Zone, and it exists right between the Comfort Zone and the Panic Zone. Go there. The quickest way to get there? Do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. That’s a signal that it’s an invaluable opportunity for growth. So do the thing, and don’t throw in the towel when you are, in fact, uncomfortable. You’re more resilient than you know.”

45) Jenny Castaneda of Paleo Foodie Kitchen

“Don’t overthink things. Believe in yourself, and just do it. To me, if something feels right even though I’ve never done it before, I always go for it and trust my gut. You’ll never really know until you try!”

46) Jackie Mulligan of JackieMulligan.co

“To be uncomfortable is really abstract and different for everyone. For me, a few things do the trick. 1) A cold shower. 2) Stillness to clarify my drive and intention for change. 3) Allowing myself to act despite lack of clear vision and in the presence of some healthy fear. Confidence, growth, and an adventure often await on the other side.”

 47) Lisa Bryan of Downshiftology

“Whether it’s traveling to a foreign country, speaking in front of  a large group, or making lifestyle changes, I’m all about getting some small wins under your belt. Start small, build confidence, and work up from there.”

48) Kat Humphus of Savory Made Simple

“Getting out of your comfort zone can be scary, but it can be more approachable if you prepare for the uncomfortableness. 1) Start with the VERY first step. It might only be waking up 15 min earlier to make that new class at the gym. 2) Find a partner to join you! 3) Break through the uncomfortable cycle by making it a regular, consistent habit. 4) Learn to look forward to being uncomfortable. 5) Enjoy the journey of getting out of your comfort zone, not the destination.”

49) Navid Moazzez of NavidMoazzez.com

“Act before you’re ready. If you take consistent action every single day, and try new (possibly a bit scary) things you haven’t done before, you will improve and get better over time. Start with small baby steps… the key is to just take massive action before you feel you’re ready for it and don’t think as much about what other people may think of you.”

50) Carrie Fisher

“Stay afraid, but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually, the confidence will follow.”

So there you have it. Powerful tips and advice from 50 incredible people just like you.

Look for the common features in their words of wisdom, and apply it to your life.

Pin these 50 Epic Tips for Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone for later!

50 Epic Tips for Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone | StupidEasyPaleo.com


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11 Responses

  1. Hi, I like the one about stop living by some one elses rules. I am having to deal with two bullys currently. Being acertive is one thing and forcing some one to or pushing some one to is wrong. Here is one, do not let some one play the recorded message play back game. I decide this game is occuring when the person talking to you tells you over and over the same thing and does not hear what you are saying. I have set my limit to one telling. Thanks xo? Pete

    1. Thanks for writing in to the blog, Pete. We’re really appriciate it, always keep your good vibes with you and all possitive things will happen to you. 🙂

  2. I read each one of these with a smile and plan to add them to my bag of tricks personally and professionally. As a triathlon coach, I specialize in guiding fearful open water swimmers to achieve their goals, from sprint to Ironman distances. Learning how to stay present in your body and trusting that the water will hold you up, is an amazing process. First, learn that you can just float. I don’t use the word “relax” but instead look for body clues and focus on finding the tension and releasing it. Wiggle, wiggle your fingers and toes. Laugh and sing under water. Learning strokes and bilateral breathing will become much easier if you stay present in your body and trust.the water delights to hold you up.

  3. My favorite of these is the one by Maris Degener, “You can do hard things. You were not put on this planet to only do what comes easily to you. If you were, you’d have burst into flames of enlightenment by now.”

    It’s easy to get into comfortable routines and live a safe boring life. But that comfort holds you back from all sorts of success you don’t even know about. I was living a comfortable life once. Then my house burned down and I lost everything. After coming back from that tragedy i do feel much more capable of doing hard things than I would have guessed i was. In fact, in many ways that fire helped me to work much harder, and endure much worse than before. It is challenging to force yourself to do the hard things. But it’s okay, life will throw those challenges at you anyway.

    1. It might surprise you to know she’s 18…such wisdom in such a young lady.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Adam. Though I’m sorry to hear of your loss, I’m very glad to know you’ve come back and become a more resilient person.

  4. I like “Stop living by someone else’s rules. Assess what’s important and true to you, and let that drive your actions.” and ” Start with the VERY first step. It might only be waking up 15 min earlier to make that new class at the gym” the most. Each point seems to be unique and help in making us strong and potential to face any worst situation and lead a successful life. I also hope the above tips are the routine lifestyle of our ancients who were strong and healthy.

    1. Hi Vivek, Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I’m sure you’ll find more valuable information exploring the site. Have fun!

  5. I like the quote, by Jesse Malcomb of CrossFit Fortius

    “No one has ever reached their full potential by only training their strengths – consistently training outside their comfort zones is where champions are made.”

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