6 reasons BMI is bullshit podcast art episode 214 harder to kill radio

6 Reasons BMI is Bullshit

The BMI is flawed. It’s time to call it what it really is.

6 reasons BMI is bullshit podcast art episode 214 harder to kill radio

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6 Reasons BMI is Bullshit

I’ve dabbled with this topic before in other podcast episodes about the scale and diet culture, but I haven’t taken on BMI as a separate topic until now. A recent routine doctor’s appointment had me reeling from an offhand BMI comment.

It brought up a lot for me, and had I not been mentally stronger, it could have pushed me into disordered eating and exercise behaviors.

In this episode, I’m relaying my story and tearing into six reasons why BMI is bullshit.

There’s a lot of nuance here, and my experiences as a person in a smaller body are nothing like what someone else in a larger body may experience.

It’s my hope that you’ll walk away from this episode with some things to think about and start conversations of your own with the people you care about.

On Today’s Episode

  • My recent BMI story
  • What I said when told my BMI was too high
  • 6 reasons BMI is total bullshit
  • Why intuitive eating is important to move past diet mentality and diet culture
  • Why I help people gain health, not lose weight

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