A New Way Of Looking At Adrenal Fatigue w/ Ari Whitten – Harder to Kill Radio 171

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There are tons of factors that could be playing a role in why you might be feeling tired, slow, foggy, or just not yourself. Ari Whitten of The Energy Blueprint recognized this, and after seeing a lack of representation in the medical field surrounding adrenal fatigue, he decided to look for more answers himself.

Harder To Kill Radio 171 Overcoming Fatigue And Reclaiming Your Energy w/ Ari Whitten

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About Ari Whitten

After countless hours of research, Ari has discovered how to stop your fatigue with evidence-based science. Now, he uses his knowledge to empower people all over the world and change the conversation around understanding your own health better.

Ari is diving into a deep analysis of a large body of evidence on this specific topic. He is sharing the important role your mitochondria play in your energy, how your cortisol levels could be impacting your body, and why you should switch out all the lightbulbs in your house yesterday. If you have been given a fatigue diagnosis or suspect it on your own, this is an episode that could forever change you approach your own fatigue. Your symptoms are real, and its time to get some answers.

Do you struggle with adrenal fatigue, constant stress or not enough sleep? Let us know where you are at in the comments below!

On Today’s Episode

  • Bringing simplicity and clarity to understanding adrenal fatigue
  • Why the media is not a good place to get evidence-based information
  • Practical strategies to overcome fatigue and get more energy
  • The key mechanisms in your body that impact your hormones and energy levels
  • Advice for those who have restricted sleep or struggling sleepers

Resources Mentioned In This Show


“I left medical school just because I was so holistic minded and I couldn’t stand being in an environment where you have people suffering from diseases of lifestyle” (20:33)

“I realized that the conventional medical realm brushed the whole thing off as nonsense. They do not accept adrenal fatigue as a real medical condition. And I was actually annoyed by this” (23:59)

“There’s basically a vast landscape of dozens of different systems and mechanisms that are involved in regulating our energy levels” (43:11)

“It’s basically a combination of those factors at the root cause level, at the lifestyle and environmental level, and how they interact with all the systems of our body” (54:44)

“There’s essentially a spider web of different mechanisms of how these environmental and lifestyle factors are suppressing different physiological systems… that are leading to us having the symptoms of fatigue” (1:01:43)

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Harder To Kill Radio 171 Overcoming Fatigue And Reclaiming Your Energy w/ Ari Whitten

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