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Harder To Kill Radio 239 How To Defeat The Menopause Taboo & Feel Great w: Amanda Thebe

Demystifying Menopause Fitness & Nutrition

Let’s talk about menopause. Peri-menopause and menopause is something that every woman is headed towards, and yet we are so scared to talk about it due to the taboo society has imposed.

Amanda Thebe says enough is enough and started her company to open up the conversation about menopause, staying fit, and how to best take care of your body through this time of transition.

Harder To Kill Radio 239 How To Defeat The Menopause Taboo & Feel Great w: Amanda Thebe

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Optimize Your Hormonal Landscape

If you are already in peri-menopause or menopause or are looking for some information to prepare yourself for what is to come, Amanda is here to make the conversation of menopause exciting and sexy.

Learn how to adjust specific exercises and meals to suit your changing body, how to optimize your hormonal landscape with a little bit of fat, what to do if you are struggling with hot flashes, and much more.

Too often women feel invisible when dealing with the symptoms of menopause, and Amanda is determined to change that.

A real talk all about no gimmicks, no diets, and no BS, Amanda is here to provide you info on how to manage your stress, stay on top of your nutrition and movement, and be kinder to yourself.

Are you ready to embrace the fact that you are enough and enter this new chapter with strength and vitality? Share your menopause journey with us in the comments below.

On Today’s Episode

  • What you need to know to prepare yourself before peri-menopause (21:20)
  • Lifestyle tips that you can focus on to lose weight during menopause (25:10)
  • How to use movement to feel better during peri-menopause and menopause (32:50)
  • Ways to elicit positive change on a cellular level through anti-rotation exercises (47:50)
  • The role stress management plays in a healthy menopause process (53:16)

Resources Mentioned In This Show

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Make Menopause Matter Petition

Nutritional Therapy Association Website


“While we are feeling all of these feelings of despair, we are then being told by the bigger conversation out there ‘you are an ugly old hag and you’re never going to amount to anything’. And I just think that’s a type of conversation I would love to hear more over here, not in a ‘woo-woo’ hippy kind of way that you are enough, just that you fucking are enough, alright?” (13:22)

“Really, when you say you are doing absolutely everything that you need to do, I mean are you really? Chances are you are not.” (29:10)

“I just needed to be uncomfortable, I needed some change, I needed to do something different. Because what I was doing wasn’t working.” (37:50)

“Prioritizing time for just actual self-care is one of the things that most women don’t do.” (56:58)

“Just being a little bit kinder to the narrative that is going on in your head can actually even in your more symptomatic days where you just hate the world can actually still make those days better than they would be if you were thinking in a different manner.” (59:05)

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Harder To Kill Radio 239 How To Defeat The Menopause Taboo & Feel Great w: Amanda Thebe

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