What Can Our Ancestors Teach Us About Food? – Harder to Kill Radio #137

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You’ve probably heard arguments incorporating evolutionary biology made to justify why we should be eating more of certain foods and less of others, but is that reasoning really legit in today’s world? Hilda Labrada Gore has traveled the world researching various tribal diets and their wellbeing, and brings that knowledge to us today.  

Harder To Kill Radio 137 | What Can Our Ancestors Teach Us About What We Should Be Eating? w/ Hilda Labrada Gore

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About Hilda Labrada Gore

After being inspired by Dr. Weston A. Price, Hilda followed in his footsteps and traveled to Kenya and Peru to work with native tribes and study their diets and wellbeing. Through this experience, she has found a passion for learning and spreading the news of traditional diets and the benefits of real food living.

A fellow podcaster, Hilda focuses on promoting new ways to connect with the people around us by paying attention and truly listening. She believes that everyone has something that you can learn from, and with a genuine curiosity about who people are, you will discover new things about yourself, and others, in the process.

By spending a little less time in the supermarket and a little more time in the farmers market, Hilda believes that we can cure our societies need for overeating, by eating nutrient-rich foods instead. By recognizing the power of real food and the importance of preserving the foods in which your ancestry came from, Hilda hopes to show others the power of exploring what other people around the world are eating.

Have you experimented with any traditional diets? What were the results? Let me know in the comments!

On Today’s Episode

  • Tips for successful communication for both the introvert and the extrovert
  • Tools and practices to listen more equally
  • How Hilda got started on her own podcasting journey
  • Getting back to a traditional diet even in our modern industrialized food supply chain
  • Embracing diversity in what a healthy diet looks like

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“Being present and listening is a skill I have kind of developed along the way, and its actually bringing me much more joy than kind of my frenetic way of being before.” (7:57)

“[Weston Price] found that the traditional peoples of the world were thriving on their real food diet, and when modernity crept in and some of their tribes started eating processed sugars and flour and refined oils and things like that, that literally, their health would start to deteriorate, their face shape would even change.” (19:52)

“Everyone’s got something they are supposed to bring to the world. And I don’t think they should get hung up on the little technicalities because somebody else will have that in their lane if you will and they will be able to bring that and come alongside them on that point.” (31:02)

“We are being bombarded by ‘eat this’ and ‘eat that’ and the pretty colorful packages in the supermarket. So find a way to shut that down. I feel like desire is created in us artificially by people who want us to become consumers only.” (39:19)

“The most happy, satisfied people I met were the people who had their own land and were growing their own food.” (46:56)

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Harder To Kill Radio 137 | What Can Our Ancestors Teach Us About What We Should Be Eating? w/ Hilda Labrada Gore

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