Harder To Kill Radio 231 How To Use Fitness To Find Your Confidence w/ Ashleigh Van Houten

Using Fitness To Find Your Confidence w/ Ashleigh Van Houten – Harder to Kill Radio 231

After a whirlwind career in publishing and marketing, Ashleigh Van Houten managed to combine her passion and persistence into a job that she loves. A writer for Paleo Magazine, two-time podcast host and strength trainer, Ashleigh knows the power of perseverance and is here to help you develop your skills so that you can make the best out of any situation.

Harder To Kill Radio 231 How To Use Fitness To Find Your Confidence w/ Ashleigh Van Houten

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Love Of Learning & Confidence Building

Ashleigh believes in the importance of enabling yourself as a strong, confident and independent woman. A lover of the journey of education, Ashleigh has an amazing ability to take every experience as a learning opportunity and still finds the joy in learning something new every day.

Attracted to all things strength and fitness, Ashleigh is here to highlight how you can use fitness to find your confidence and the importance of bringing new perspectives and voices to a stagnant sphere. You owe it to yourself to find ways to develop your skills, find a path that works for you and have fun learning along the way.

How do you feel like your skills are interested are discussed in the health and fitness industry? Share what you would love to see more of in the comments below!

On Today’s Episode

  • How to approach physical training scenarios with more knowledge and confidence
  • Why you should be focusing on the process more than the outcome
  • Learn the benefits and drawbacks of the working for yourself lifestyle
  • Takeaways of the life lessons learned through Jiu Shih Tzu and other training methods
  • Exploring the need for more diversity in fitness and health podcasting

Resources Mentioned In This Show

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Paleo Magazine Radio

Muscle Maven Radio

Human Potential Party Website

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Nutritional Therapy Association Website


“I’m very much like look, this is the situation, am I going to just be pissy about it, am I going to sit here and wish it was a different way, or am I going to approach it like what can I get, how can I benefit from whatever the situation I am in?” (17:28)

“I’ve always been fascinated by what people can do when they like something and they train hard. What physical feats we are capable of, I think it is so fun to watch, it’s so attractive and it’s so interesting.” (27:45)

“It’s really just about finding the joy in learning and confidence-building, because that’s what life is, it’s a learning process.” (31:39)

“Nothing feels better than throwing a good punch. You gotta try it!” (46:49)

“There’s always room for more perspectives and voices and ideas and opinions. And that’s what I want to help facilitate.” (53:14)

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Harder To Kill Radio 231 How To Use Fitness To Find Your Confidence w/ Ashleigh Van Houten

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