Ask Steph: Volume 2 – Harder to Kill Radio 176

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I’m back with another edition of Ask Steph where I answer your listener questions!

I'm back on another episode answering listener and reader questions in another edition of Ask Steph on the Fierce Love Friday edition of the podcast. |

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Ask Steph: Volume 2

Usually on the Friday episode of the podcast, I’m on the mic solo ranting or pondering on whatever’s on my mind. But today, we’re switching things up a little bit. I’ll be answering several of your listener questions in another episode of Ask Steph. If you have a question that I didn’t answer, feel free to message or email me and let me know!

On Today’s Episode

  • What’s been my most frustrating hurdle to overcome in life
  • My advice for the best place for a newcomer to strength training to begin
  • How to grow a stronger backbone in the face of pressure to conform
  • My ideal introvert recharge night
  • If I ever suffer from imposter syndrome and what I do about it
  • Why I joined and left CrossFit
  • Kickass advice for someone entering their 40s
  • How to talk to family members about their health without upsetting them
  • …and more

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