ask steph volume 3 podcast art episode 204 harder to kill radio

Ask Steph: Volume 3 – Harder to Kill Radio 204

I’m back with answers to another round of listener questions!

ask steph volume 3 podcast art episode 204 harder to kill radio

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Ask Steph: Volume 3

Today, I’m digging into another round of listener questions and providing answers to some of your most common inquiries.

Questions answered on this episode:

“I am working hard on intuitive eating. Any advice for helping with the mind shift to this and eating for health vs the stand by “to lose weight” goal, especially when you know you feel better at a lower weight. I am having a hard time not making weight loss my goal.”

“Do you ever do cardio, like running, or do you ever bike anymore?”

“I’ve had a problem since I was a teenager with body image issues and trying to love my body instead of hate it. The only way I’ve ever lost weight is by starvation diets that I know are unhealthy. I am now tracking macros and trying to eat healthy, but it’s so hard to grasp the concept that I need to eat more to lose weight. How do we change that mindset?”

“My current struggle is not letting the messages from “the rest of the world” get to me. I get SUPER defensive/pissed if I hear someone talk about things like counting calories, having “abs”, “beach bodies”, etc. I need some kind of mantra for not letting the bullshit affect me so much.”

“What is the best strategy for overcoming strength plateaus when you are limited to at home workouts?”

“I know you’ve very recently covered the topic of plate shaming, or making judgements on other’s food choices.. but how can we respond and educate those who are not aware of how harmful this behavior is? How can we get to a place of eating whatever the fuck we want to without outside commentary?”

“I have been doing intermittent fasting for about 6 months, but I wasn’t training due to an injury. I recently started training again and I am sooo hungry, even if I eat well during the 8-hour window. Do you have any tips to help me?”

On Today’s Episode

  • Listener questions, answered

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  1. Hi Steph! I was going to record a voice question but I couldn’t find the link anymore. Anyway I just want to start off by saying I think we should be best friends. I love you, your messaging, and all the work you do that helps so many people! ?
    My question is about setting goals. We don’t want to set weight goals, but I do find it helpful to have something measurable to work towards and I’m not sure what kind of goals to set. Can you talk about setting healthy goals? What is realistic, and a good metric to use to track progress?
    Thank you!!

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