Black and white show art of podcast guests Beauty Redefined, twin sisters with long blonde hair

Dealing with Negative Body Image w/ Beauty Redefined – Harder to Kill Radio 183

If there is one episode of Harder to Kill Radio that you are going to listen to, this is it. Dr. Lexie Kite and her twin sister Dr. Lindsay Kite are trailblazers in the body image realm and are shattering the societal beauty standards surrounding women, children, and everything in between.

Dr. Lexie harnessed her past pain and body shame to identify an issue that women and girls around the world are dealing with, and together the Kite sisters have started a body revolution with their non-profit, Beauty Redefined.

Black and white show art of podcast guests Beauty Redefined, twin sisters with long blonde hair

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About Beauty Redefined

Beauty Redefined is different than the other body image messages out there. Dr. Lexie is shining a light on all the ways your body and mind have been co-opted by systems that keep you fixated on your body image, and is providing tools to help you rise with resilience in the face of that pain. She is also providing stepping stones to change how you view your body throughout your life as an opportunity to grow.

Some real truth bombs are being dropped today as Dr. Lexie touches on everything from the ways that women and girls are raised differently than men, to viewing the ways that women are objectified as a launching point for greatness, and why you need to start viewing your body as an instrument instead of an ornament.

Dr. Lexie and Dr. Lindsay have pioneered some new approaches to how we think about our bodies, health, and confidence. Dr. Lexie is an advocate of compassion for yourself and others, the power of body image resilience and the need for education around self-objectification. This episode is almost guaranteed to highlight an issue that every woman has dealt with, and Dr. Lexie’s open and honest approach to breaking free of societal standards is refreshing and important.

How does Beauty Redefined’s mission align with your self-improvement goals? Let us know in the comments below!

On Today’s Episode

  • Why ‘before and after’ pictures may be doing more harm than good
  • How to break your unhealthy relationship with your scale without fear
  • What it really means to prioritize your own perspective of your body
  • Caring for yourself in a new and simple way through intuitive eating
  • Disrupting the system and building a new vision for women

Resources Mentioned In This Show


“I got this tangible impression that I was going to have a daughter. And I was going to be this kind of feminist influence for her, that it was my job. And I felt this sense of hope.” (10:32)

“It taught me again and again that my body can do hard things, and that I am more than the way my body looks.” (12:52)

“Recognizing that you are more than your pain, you are more than your shame, you are more than your body. And you can get to a better, happier, healthier place as you recognize that pain.” (22:53)

“You will start realizing that the joy you feel as you just move your body is so much better than the shame you are gambling on every time you step on that scale.” (40:46)

“My work isn’t just to show people what hurts so that they can be angry at all of the ways the world tells us that we are only bodies. My work and the work Lindsay does through Beauty Redefined is helping people see that they are more than bodies, and how.” (1:03:46)

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Black and white show art of podcast guests Beauty Redefined, twin sisters with long blonde hair

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