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best fitness podcasts for women by women

Best Fitness Podcasts for Women, By Women

Looking for the best fitness podcasts for women? This article introduces you to some of my favorite fitness, health and nutrition podcasts currently available.

If you want topics including how to build strength, add muscle, and perform better, check out these podcasts. They’ll help guide your fitness journey.

These fitness podcasts for women by women take an evidence based approach.

According to Johns Hopkins, evidence based practice is, “…a process used to review, analyze, and translate the latest scientific evidence.” It also includes expert opinion and experience along with client values.

What Can You Listen to At the Gym Besides Music?

Nutrition and fitness podcasts for women are an obvious answer here!

Maybe you want to learn a lot while also getting your strength on. Fitness podcasts are awesome to listen to while you’re at the gym.

Great episodes cover topics like:

  • science based training methods such as progressive overload
  • sports nutrition, performance nutrition, and fueling – not weight loss
  • mental health and sports psychology
  • relationship with food and flexible eating
  • recovery topics such as heart rate variability training and injury prevention
  • specific nutrition and fitness for women over 40

What are the Best Fitness Podcasts for Women, By Women?

I’ve complied a list of the best fitness podcasts for women, in no specific order.

If you’re an athletic woman over 40, these are some of my top recommendations.

1) Fuel Your Strength Podcast – Best Fitness Podcast for Women, Sports Nutrition & Strength Training

Hosted by Steph Gaudreau

Fuel Your Strength Podcast - Best Fitness Podcasts for Women

Of course, I had to include my own podcast on the list. I’m a sports nutritionist and weight lifting coach with a B.S. in Biology – Human Physiology. My mission is to help women athletes over 40 increase muscle, build strength, have more energy and perform better.

Topics include progressive overload, avoiding low energy availability, and the impact of hormonal changes on muscle physiology, nutrition choices, and exercise selection.

Fuel Your Strength is the latest iteration of this show. It started in 2015 and has over 4 million downloads.

2) Results Not Typical – Fitness for Hypermobility and Nutrition Habits

Hosted by Nikki Naab-Levy

results not typical podcast

If you have hypermobile joints and you’re wondering how to get stronger, this podcast is excellent. Having hypermobility doesn’t mean you have to avoid strength training which is the common narrative promoted in the industry. On this podcast, Nikki delves into evidence based weight training for hypermobility. And she also covers non-dogmatic nutrition habits.

3) Strength in the Details – Best Fitness Podcast for Women & Mental Performance

Hosted by Dr. A’Naja Newsome

Strength In the Details Podcast - Best Fitness Podcasts for Women

Optimize your strength and performance with this podcast. Dr. Newsome is passionate about supporting women athletes with their mental health. Her holistic approach to athlete wellbeing covers stress management, self-confidence, performance anxiety, and more.

4) The Messy Middle Podcast – Weight Lifting and Endurance Training

Hosted by Dr. Alyssa Olenick

The Messy Middle Podcast

If you’re a marathon runner or love cycling, this is a fitness podcast you need to hear. Understand the nuances of fitness training, specifically weight lifting and endurance sports, from a female research scientist. Doc Lyss is extremely knowledgable in topics such as the menstrual cycle, metabolism, and cardiovascular training.

5) With All Due Respect – Fitness in Menopause

Hosted by Amanda Thebe

With All Due Respect Podcast - Best Fitness Podcasts for Women

Until recently, women in menopause have been left out of many fitness conversations by personal trainers. However, Amanda is on a mission to change all of that. Her mission is to help women in menopause feel empowered with their health and fitness. Tune in for her evidence based approach and no BS vibe.

6) The Black Girl Fit Files – Health and Fitness Podcast for Women of Color

Hosted by Dalijah Amelia

black girl fit files
This podcast covers cross-training, pole dancing, and health and fitness topics focused on Women of Color. Host Dalijah and guests discuss physical and mental health topics and why representation of Women of Color in the fitness industry matters.

7) Practice Brave – Women Athletes in Postpartum

Hosted by Brianna Battles

Practice Brave Podcast

Reliable health and fitness information for postpartum women can be hard to come by. But the reality is that during and after childbirth, women and birthing athletes need guidance on returning to fitness. Brianna covers topics for women including pelvic floor health, diastasis recti, and mental health.

8) Balanced Black Girl Podcast – Health and Wellness for Black Women

Hosted by Les Alfred

balanced black girl podcast

Tune in for weekly shows about all things health – mental and physical – as well as holistic wellbeing and self-care with host Les Alfred and guests. Fitness is just one aspect of wellness and this podcast is on a mission to highlight experts making a difference.

9) Hit Play, Not Pause – Best Fitness Podcast for Women Endurance Athletes in Menopause

Hosted by Selene Yeager

Hit Play Not Pause

Women in peri-menopause and post-menopause need practical fitness information. The Hit Play, Not Pause podcast is hosted by Roar and Next Level co-author Selene Yeager. This podcast about fitness and performance for women shows that menopause doesn’t have to be written off as just tough times. You can be powerful, strong, and thrive.

10) Movement Upgraded – Mobility, Physical Therapy and Strength Training

Hosted by Dr. Jen Hosler

Movement Upgraded Podcast

Taking care of your aches and pains is essential when you’re an athletic woman over 40. This podcast, hosted by a physical therapist, is an excellent resource for understanding and improving your mobility and flexibility. Moving well and staying active are key to healthy aging.

Some Final Thoughts on the Best Fitness Podcasts for Women

There are definitely more fitness and nutrition podcasts for women, by women out there. Comment below and let me know your favorites!

Other notable fitness podcasts for women are hosted by Rhonda Patrick, Emily Abbate, and Emily Schromm.

Though it’s easy to find podcasts hosted women, male podcast hosts like Rich Roll, Ben Greenfield, and Mind Pump dominate the top spots on the fitness podcast charts.

Yes, those fitness podcasts are great too, but sometimes you just want to hear from women you can relate to.

Give these podcasts a listen, and be sure to subscribe to your favorites.

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  1. Thank youuuu for creating this list! The ‘alpha males interviewing other boys’ shtick gets tiresome.
    Another Women-hosted podcast I like is “The Movement Space” by Katie St. Claire & Jill Zimmerman.

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