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Why aren’t more women willing to back each other up, talk to, or support other women? In other words, why are we portrayed as being so “bitchy?”

Bitchy – Harder to Kill Radio #122 |

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Are We Inherently Bitchy? I Don’t Think So.

If I had to rate this one, it would be 5 chilis (aka: spicy AF). As always, take from this what you need. Hopefully it gives you another perspective to see situations from. Because really, isn’t that what life is all about? Enriching our lives with growth and learning?

This topic originally came up with a podcast guest (Lori Harder) then again through a Instagram DM, so I knew the universe was telling me to chat about this.

The question/topic (paraphrased) had to do with how women are starting to come together more as a whole, but we can still tear each other apart with the best of them.

I’ve seen this competition among women more times than I can count: why do we dress the way we do, why do we wear makeup, why are we so concerned about our appearance? And there is a large subset of the population that feels this is the way it’s just supposed to be. That we have to “prove” ourselves.

When we’re constantly on edge and on the defensive it’s because we’re assuming the worst of people. If we can shift our perspective from one of assuming ill intentions to one of assuming good, then just dealing with the bad when it comes, what would that do to improve our relationships and communication with other women? How could that change things?

On Today’s Episode

  • Key areas you can use for self-exploration
  • Areas to focus on for growth
  • How to shift our internal and external conversations to change the world

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