body image real talk part 1 podcast art episode 208 harder to kill radio

Body Image Real Talk: Part 1

Body image real talk is going down on today’s episode of Harder to Kill Radio.

body image real talk part 1 podcast art episode 208 harder to kill radio

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Body Image Real Talk: Part 1

Hold onto your hats, friend…it’s time for some body image real talk. In fact, there’s so much to say about this topic that I’m breaking it up into two episodes with part two coming next week.

Summer is here and wearing shorts or a bathing suit is now coming to top of mind again…and that brings up negative body image, negative self-talk, and feelings of being less than or not good enough.

There are women in my community who haven’t shown their legs in decades because they’re afraid of what others will think of them.

And I get it. I was that woman. I was fearful, self-conscious, and had dysmorphic body thoughts. I come from a place of love in this episode though what I have to say is often firm and a bit of a wake up call.

Nobody is going to start valuing yourself for you. You have to get real about the tired out narratives that are no longer serving you.

Rejecting those narratives, unlearning old views, and embracing new ways of seeing yourself is possible. It takes work but you can do it.

In this episode, I’m talking about why dressing rooms are such a mindfuck.

From there, I’m diving into the first of three real talk points regarding body image. If your heart is open and you’re ready to hear them, these issues have the potential to change everything.

On Today’s Episode

  • Why body image is top of mind right now
  • 3 reasons why fitting rooms fuck with our heads
  • 3 aspects of body image we need to get real about

Resources Mentioned In This Show

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