body image real talk part 2 podcast art episode 210 harder to kill radio

Body Image Real Talk: Part 2 – Harder to Kill Radio 210

Join me for part two of the body image real talk conversation.

body image real talk part 2 podcast art episode 210 harder to kill radio

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Body Image Real Talk: Part 2

I’m back this week with part two of our body image real talk conversation. Last week, I covered the sub-topics of why fitting rooms fuck with our minds, the role of media in all of this, and why cellulite should not be demonized. It got spicy at times, and this week proves to be the same. But don’t mistake my spiciness for bitchiness. No.

My job as a coach is to support you in the areas you need support while challenging you to stop playing small. Growth and expansion, FTW.

In this week’s episode, I’m reminding you about what fierce love means and then diving headlong into a few points about why blaming others for making you feel bad = a lack of taking personal responsibility for what you can change or affect.

I’m also bringing up the topic of body neutrality and how this can be a more attainable middle ground between all-out self-love and crushing self-hatred. And finally, I’m covering the an unexpected aspect of comparison that could be holding you back.

On Today’s Episode

  • What fierce love means
  • Why you can’t just blame others for making you feel bad
  • The underutilized topic of body neutrality
  • Why loving everything about yourself can set you up for self-sabotage
  • The comparison trap you probably aren’t even aware of that’s holding you back

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