Harder To Kill Radio 233 How You Can Make Healthy & Budget Friendly Meals Easily w/ Cassy Joy

How You Can Make Healthy & Budget Friendly Meals Easily w/ Cassy Joy – Harder to Kill Radio 233

Cassy Joy wants to make putting a healthy, budget-friendly meal on the table as simple as possible. With experience throwing herself into different diets that never quite seemed to work, Cassy Joy started to sift through the noise of diet culture and realized there wasn’t much out there that made sense for her.

Harder To Kill Radio 233 How You Can Make Healthy & Budget Friendly Meals Easily w/ Cassy Joy

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Feeding Yourself With Food, Nutrition, & Happiness

While pregnant with her daughter, Cassy Joy created the Cook Once Eat All Week Method and put it into the universe in hopes of helping some women who were struggling like she was. What happened next was an explosion of the theory that has now been embraced by countless women to save time, money and energy.

Providing prep day instructions, nutrition information and meal planning strategies, the Cook Once Eat All Week method puts a new spin on eating leftovers that will leave you excited rather than bored and fill you and your family with the nutrients necessary to thrive.

A good friend of mine who is unapologetically herself in every way, Cassy Joy is all about finding a sense of community and comradery with your fellow humans through food, nutrition, and happiness.

Have you fallen in love with the Cooke Once Eat All Week Method? Share your favorite meal planning tips with us in the comments below!

On Today’s Episode

  • Simple strategies to make your leftovers into a new meal every night
  • Learn about orthorexia and how to use your awareness to move past it
  • The importance of finding a genuine connection with other humans
  • Ways you can save time, money and calories by meal prepping once a week
  • How being a rebel works for and against you as a business owner

Resources Mentioned In This Show

Cook Once Eat All Week by Cassy Joy

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Fed and Fit Website

Fed and Fit by Cassy Joy

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Nutritional Therapy Association Website


“A hot dumpster fire is a great analogy, that’s really what it feels like. And then when something is in order, it is worth celebrating! And I think that sums up my view on life.” (5:12)

“I did have this vision in the back of my mind of ‘what if I could turn this into this online editorial one day that helps a lot of people, where I can share my lessons learned.’ And that’s really what it became.” (8:39)

“Don’t feel guilted or slide into temptation because of the ‘shoulds’ out there, I say make sure you are making a decision, an informed decision, based on what your goals are and what will actually move you there.” (14:18)

“It’s just intuitive. You look at what you have got, and you combine them with leftovers from the night before. But it’s not leftovers, it’s a totally new dish.” (21:45)

“I really try to pay attention when I am walking around in the world and interacting with other humans because they are real people.” (41:43)

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Harder To Kill Radio 233 How You Can Make Healthy & Budget Friendly Meals Easily w/ Cassy Joy

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