Cellulite + Confidence – Harder to Kill Radio #108

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In the pilot episode of Fierce Love Friday (my solo podcast talks), I’m talking about confidence, body-shaming, and how to feel more confident today!

Cellulite + Confidence – Harder to Kill Radio #108 | StupidEasyPaleo.com

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On Cellulite + Confidence

There’s something about the rise in temperatures that seems to lure body-shamers of out hibernation. Not only that, women all over the globe begin to feel self-conscious about wearing tank tops, sports bras, shorts, or two-piece bathing suits.

I’m a health and fitness expert, and I have cellulite. And trust me, I have been trolled for it. To put it bluntly, society sees cellulite as a “problem” that is “ugly” and should be “fixed.” I ended up writing a blog post about my experience being trolled for having cellulite and it ended up resonating with so many women, on so many different levels.

Some women responded saying that they’d been avoiding wearing shorts or tank-tops since high school. And don’t get me started on the sports bras or two-piece bathing suits. It left me SMAD (sad + mad), to say the least. There’s something very wrong if you’re making yourself physically uncomfortable in order to fulfill some sort of unwritten obligation set by the body-shamers of our society.

I know that there are many of you that might be hiding your lumps/bumps/tiger stripes because you’re afraid that your body might make someone else feel uncomfortable. But I’m here to tell you that it’s not your job to make other’s feel comfortable with your body. You have much more important work to do in the world than please someone else!

It’s time to unlearn all that society has forced upon us about it being our responsibility as women to make other’s comfortable with how we look. It’s also time to stop waiting to “feel” something before we act.

On Today’s Episode

  • How to normalize cellulite
  • Why body-shamers need to stop
  • Lies about confidence we tell ourselves
  • How to feel more confident in yourself

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