Cheat Days – Harder to Kill Radio #118 |

Cheat Days – Harder to Kill Radio 118

The concept of cheat days is still super popular in the nutrition realm. But I’m here to share 5 unpopular truths about why implementing cheat days could be holding you back.

Cheat Days – Harder to Kill Radio #118 |

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The Concept of Cheat Days Has to Go

“Cheat days” are damaging on SO many levels.

They drain your willpower. You’re going to have a cheat day on the weekend you say? So you’re going to use ALL your willpower to not eat anything that’s not on your diet/plan the entire week so you can have your cheat day.

And here’s the thing, willpower is a finite resource. If you use it to avoid eating “treat” foods, you’re going to drain all of your energy. Which is going to exhaust you mentally, physically, and emotionally. And we all know how important it is to recharge your energy, right?

Cheat days disempower you. “I can’t eat this today because I’m saving this for the weekend.” With that statement, your power has been taken away from you. Interestingly enough, people view cheat days as “freedom” days where they can eat whatever they want. But what about the other 6 days? Where’s your freedom on those days?

If you have cheat days, it’s because you crave the freedom to eat anything you want on one day. What if you gave yourself the freedom to eat that food anytime you wanted? Would you even want it anymore?

Let’s take it one step further, are you actually INTENSIFYING your cravings by telling yourself that XYZ foods are off-limits until your cheat day?

There’s so much to unpack in this edition of Fierce Love Friday!

On Today’s Episode

  • How cheat days drain your willpower
  • How the language around cheat days is disempowering
  • Why mixing morality with food is problematic
  • How cheat days actually make you feel worse

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