Harder To Kill Radio How Compassion & Love Can Be The True Healers w/ Dr. Rob Abbott

The Healing Power of Compassion & Love w/ Dr. Rob Abbott – Harder to Kill Radio 207

Dr. Rob Abbott is an integrative medical doctor who believes in talking to his patients and learning their stories to find the root cause of what ails them. An expert in the field of nutritional and lifestyle interventions when working with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Dr. Abbott has a unique blend of approaches when looking at medicine and employs a refreshing and compassionate approach to working with clients.

Harder To Kill Radio How Compassion & Love Can Be The True Healers w/ Dr. Rob Abbott

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Listening’s Healing Potential

Dr. Abbott believes in studying what is relevant to the patient and improving peoples quality of life by addressing chronic conditions through multifaceted interventions. Today he shares the results of his recently co-published study all about the benefits of the Autoimmune Protocol Diet and provides a space for us to come together and make positive and empowered change through knowledge.

If you believe in the power of positive psychology, are looking to explore about how your lifestyle and diet can impact how your body is functioning, or want to learn more about Hashimoto’s and the simple ways you can elevate your symptoms, this is the episode for you. By seeing the story behind the person, Dr. Abbott helps people walk through their symptoms and creates a real connection between doctor and patient to find an integrative approach to healing.

Do you feel as though your doctor really listens to your story? Have you been frustrated by dismissive doctors in the past? Share your past experiences with us in the comments below!

On Today’s Episode

  • Honoring the power of listening to someone’s story and the healing potential it can have
  • Bridging the gap between the doctor and nutritionist silos to create progressive healing
  • How Dr. Abbott funded a medical study through online activism and crowdfunding
  • Ways to improve your quality of life and Hashimotos symptoms with AIP
  • Take a close look at the results of the AIP medical study and what is next in research

Resources Mentioned In This Show


“I try to not care about on the surface what someone might do for a living or the letters after their name, and really get to know the story behind the person.” (9:12)

“I’m going to challenge you, not in a way to make you feel judged or torn down, but to say ‘hey maybe that’s not really what you need right now’.” (34:02)

“If you talk to him and ask him what is the most important component of his multifaceted approach which has shown amazing benefits… it’s not food, it’s not even movement and it’s not even sleeping. It’s love.” (47:55)

“As much as I love the autoimmune protocol as dietary intervention, it’s just a tool and part of a greater tool kit of personalized care and community and really loving and caring about other people.” (48:26)

“Sometimes we want to jump immediately to the sexy stuff, the hormones and all this, when really if you just give lifestyle time in a controlled and supported setting, you are going to see some awesome stuff happen.” (1:10:06)

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Harder To Kill Radio How Compassion & Love Can Be The True Healers w/ Dr. Rob Abbott

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