Confessions of a Paleo Loser

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Cropped image of beautiful woman with finger on her lips - copyspaceIt’s high time I fessed up to how much of a Paleo loser I am.

Growing up, I was sort of a chubby kid. I got boobs earlier than every one of my female classmates. Then I got braces before everyone, too (go me!). I had a weird hair cut, was awkward and felt like such a loser. I spent hours obsessing about being skinnier and how my stomach always puffed out after I ate. Later in my teen years came the fainting spells (senior year in Miss Bailey’s class was a memorable one). In short, I grew up hating my body. If I actually calculated it, I’ve probably lost a couple years of my life down in the depths of negative thoughts.

I always hoped somehow it’d get better as I got older because “healthy” eating was totally on my radar in my 20s. Soymilk and whole grain pasta and fat free cheese…oh my! Somehow I felt worse. Strange intestinal problems and more fainting (like one time at work) and acne down one side of my back. I was so confused. Despite being active and eating all these things that were supposed to be good for me, I resigned myself to feeling like crap because that was my “normal”.

Fast forward to 2009 when I found Paleo. It wasn’t like the heavens opened up and glowing light fell all around me when I picked up a copy of Paleo Diet for Athletes. Instead, I thought, “This sounds crazy, but I’ll try anything.”

So why am I a Paleo loser? By eating Paleo…

  • I lost my bloated belly.
  • I lost the fainting spells.
  • I lost my weird back acne.
  • I lost the weird energy swings.
  • I lost the feeling of always being hungry.
  • I lost my sugar addiction.
  • I lost extra body fat.
  • I lost my fear of eating fat and my dysfunctional relationship with food.
  • I lost my negative self image.

I also gained a bunch too…a ton of muscle mass, lots of energy, mountains of strength and more importantly, self-acceptance.

before & after paleo 6

I was COMPELLED to create my Real Food. Real Good. eCourse…to help others be losers too because PALEO CHANGED MY LIFE. I want to help you get more energy, lose fat and heal yourself from the inside out by eating real, nutrient-dense, nourishing Paleo foods just like I did. No smoke and mirrors. No deprivation. No extreme tricks.

My Real Food. Real Good. eCourse – with video lessons, PDF guides and my super-duper companion cookbook is usually $39 but right now it’s on sale as part of the Fall Into Health Autumn Bundle. You have to act now because the sale ends Sunday November 10! For the price of my course, you get the whole bundle which includes:

  • 47 health and real food ebooks like The Paleo Survival Guide, Awaken: 30+ Grain-Free and Egg-Free Breakfasts, and my cookbook!
  • 2 other online courses
  • 2 meal plans
  • 15 exclusive podcasts
  • 2 online magazines
  • Over $500 in online coupons for products I trust


That’s $2000 worth of premium quality resources for just $39.


I want you to stand proud and be a Paleo loser just like me! Click here now to get your bundle…sale ends 11/7 EXTENDED through Sunday 11/10!!

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