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Take the guesswork out of mindful eating with the Mindful Eating Tool.

This method will help you leverage the power of stacking small habits with mindful eating strategies.

You’ll be able to apply these tools immediately after going through the video tutorials.

With Mindful Eating Tool, you’ll put mindful eating principles into practice right away so you can start making progress sooner.

Below, you’ll see the 4 lessons that make up the Mindful Eating Tool.

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Mindful Eating Motivators

Now that you have a sense of what mindful eating is, it’s time to get clear on your motivators in this lesson. Having a strong sense of why and being clear on what’s motivating you will make it easier to commit to your habits and follow through. Play the lesson audio Focus on What You […]

Habits That Stick

Yesssss! You made it to Habits That Stick.  So far, you’ve defined mindful eating and identified your motivators. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to build habits that are easier to follow through on. Play the lesson audio There are entire books on the science and application of habits. (Atomic Habits and The Power […]

Build Your Stack

Alrighty, now it’s time to put it all together and create your first mindful eating habit stack! To recap, here’s what you’ve learned so far: What mindful eating is and why it matters Choosing your here-and-now motivators Understanding the basic parts of a habit Play the lesson audio What is a Habit Stack? Think about […]