Finally feel confident under the barbell.

With my Oly Lifting Basics, you’ll take your olympic-style lifts – snatch, clean, and jerk – from blah to badass. In 21 lessons, you’ll improve technique, develop skills, build efficiency, and have a sh*t-ton of fun while doing it.

Feeling frustrated or intimidated by Oly lifting?

Believe me when I say you’re not alone. I’ve been there.

The struggle can be absolutely freakin’ real when it comes to the snatch, clean, and jerk. Here’s me learning to lift in 2010. Struggle bus much?

The oly lifts are awesome for building athleticism and strength, and when it all works, you feel like a rockstar. But these lifts take technical skills, speed, power, and confidence to pull off.

Problem is, lots of trainers don’t have the experience to teach the oly lifts. Or, if you’re self-taught, your progress will eventually stall out.

You either end up frustrated, repeating the same bad habits over and over again, unable to hit PRs…or worse, scared of the bar, dreading the next time oly lifts are part of your workout…

If it’s been month or years since you’ve made progress, I have the answer…my Oly Lifting Basics Program

What You’ll Learn

In this 21-lesson program, I’m taking you through everything you need to know to dial in your snatch, clean, and jerk technique.

Strength in the Olympic lifts can only take you so far. The real key to improving and making gains lies in your technique.

I’ll break everything down using photos, videos, and text so you’ll see and understand the finer points of the snatch, clean, and jerk. Each lesson includes drills you can use as stand-alone technique practice or warm-ups.

Equipment needed:


Oompa-Loompas & You | Day 2

Today’s topic could be the absolute key to unlocking Olympic-style weightlifting for you. Game-changer. Really, Steph? Oompa-Loompas? Yes, really. But I’ll get to them in a minute. Yesterday, I showed you examples of the basic oly lifts: the snatch, clean, and jerk. They’re fast, explosive, powerful moves meant for getting a loaded barbell from the […]

If You Were a Dinosaur | Day 3

If you were a dinosaur, you’d be a Tryannosaurus rex. That’s right. When you perform the oly lifts – the snatch, clean, and jerk – I want you to channel your inner T. rex. Yesterday I challenged you to act like an Oompa-Loompa and really squeeze your buttcheeks to help extend (straighten) your hips. You […]

Get a Grip | Day 4

Seriously, you really need to get a grip! It’s Day 4 and this one’s all about one of the two points of contact you have when you begin any oly lift: your hands. (The other is your feet…we’ll talk about them another day because they’re mega mega important.) Any of the oly lifts – the […]

All About the Feet | Day 5

So far, we’ve covered some major ground…hip extension (and butt squeezes), Oompa-Loompas, using your legs (instead of pulling with your arms), and all about grip. Today, we’re taking it to a topic that most people kinda ignore when it comes to Olympic-style weightlifting…your feet. Yeah, not the sexiest thing on the planet, I know. Everyone […]

The Rubber Band | Day 6

Holy cats, it’s already Day 6! Today I’m going to tell you a story about (one of) the most helpful things my coach, Dave Miller, has ever taught me. It has to do with one of these… The Rubber Band One day I asked Coach why some lifters pull themselves under the bar slowly while […]

It’s All In The Wrist | Day 7

Oooooh this one is so juicy… One of my favorite secret squirrel tips EVER, and it all has to do with your wrists. On another day, we’ll talk about the complaint a lot of novice lifters have about cleans and the front rack position of the front squat…that their wrists aren’t flexible enough. Spoiler: It’s […]

No, Your Wrists Aren’t Tight | Day 8

Yesterday was all about the secret squirrel tip of keeping your wrists slightly turned under when you clean or snatch… And today, I figured I’d keep the wrist theme going to discuss one of the most common complaints novice to intermediate lifters have about the clean: “My wrists are too tight to keep my elbows […]

Mindset and Muscle | Day 9

We’ve spent the last week or so talking about technique tweaks and other cues that’ll help the technical aspects of weightlifting. Remember, sometimes it’s the smallest adjustment that can really make things click… Other times, it’s drills on drills on drills that’ll help the most… And sometimes, you’ve just gotta turn off your brain and […]

Nice (Front) Rack | Day 10

We’ve skipped around a bunch in our journey through the wondrous and wild world of olympic-style weightlifting… …focusing on everything from the hips (Benjamin!) to the hands to the feet. And since I’m giving you tasty little morsels each day, right now I wanna focus on your rack. I alluded to the front rack a […]

How You Start is How You Finish: Part 1 | Day 11

If you take a look back at the drills I’ve had you do so far, they’ve been from the hang (mid-thigh) position. Side note: Be careful here…I see lots of lifters starting from immediately above the knee cap…that’s generally too low for most people when they’re starting from the hang. Mid-thigh isn’t low-thigh! Also, when […]

How You Start is How You Finish: Part 2 | Day 12

It’s part two of fixing your ish when you pull a clean or snatch off the floor. How you set yourself up for every single lift matters a lot because once you start moving, it’s hard to make major corrections. Yesterday, I went over the static start: Put the balls of your feet under the […]

SOB | Day 13

Holy shnikes! We’re almost at the end of week 2 of 21 Days of Weightlifting. I still have so much good stuff left for you. The last couple days I took it to the floor and talked about the set-up and a smidge about the 1st pull. If you’re not ready to pull off the […]

How to Drop a Bar | Day 14

I’ve really heaped a bunch of juicy tekkers on you for the past few days, so today I’m gonna ease up a bit… …and address one of the most common fears new lifters have: Dropping the bar on yourself. Look, I won’t sugar coat this for you…sometimes freaky things do happen. You could get hurt […]

How to Get a Better Jerk | Day 15

So far, I’ve focused this series on the power clean / clean… …and much of the technique work and drills apply directly to the power snatch / snatch, with a couple exceptions. In olympic-style weightlifting, the snatch and clean & jerk are the main lifts, so it’s time to attack the jerk and why it gives […]

Wall Slides and Other Secret Squirrel Jerk Stuff | Day 16

Yesterday I gave you a little introduction into the split jerk and challenged you to practice the dip portion with a simple drill. Now, if you’re like many people, you probably struggled to keep your torso upright. And, it’s quite possible that you found it difficult to NOT hinge at the hips. This knee-flexion-without-hip-flexion movement […]

Fancy Footwork & Baby Giraffes | Day 17

The last couple days have been devoted to fixing your jerk before footwork comes into the equation. As I mentioned, lots of coaches look at a lifter’s catch / finish position and try to make all the adjustments on the planet… …when the problem is a wonky catch due to a droopy, leaning torso in […]

Lightbulbs, Armpits & Breaking Bars | Day 18

Today we’re gonna delve into the snatch. Strap in because it’s going to be a wild ride. So far, I’ve studiously avoided teaching you anything about the snatch, and for good reason… Of the three main olympic-style lifts – snatch, clean, and jerk – the snatch is 1) the most technical and 2) the least […]

The Life-Changing Magic of Breaking It Up | Day19

If I was going to write a book for newbie weightlifters, it’d be called The Life-Changing Magic of Breaking It Up. It’d be a Kon-Mari-esque ode to breaking up these complex lifts into the their component parts, just with chalk and more attitude. Hmmmm…maybe I’ll keep working on the title. But suffice to say, when […]

Pencils & Knitting…It’s Scap Day! | Day 20

Hot damn, it’s Day 20…and today we’re talking about another secret squirrel tip to take your lifting from blah to badass. We’ve covered a LOT of ground since the first day of this series, and I’ve given you many tips, tricks, and silly analogies that could help your lifting improve. These are all the same […]

Let’s Play a Game | Day 21

I’m not gonna lie, when I got the idea for today’s lesson, I did a little dance around the living room. I’d googled “oly lifting” and was promptly met with hundreds (thousands??) of images of fitness models doing the snatch, clean, and jerk in absolutely trash positions. Learning oly from searching the Internet is a […]