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Module 1: Identify Core Values

You’ll be getting crystal clear about your core values and how to apply them to whatever change you want to make in your life.

Module 2: Pinpoint Roadblocks

What keeps tripping you up? In this module, you’re going to dig deep with a Life Inventory with the power to bring your goals into focus.

Module 3: Understand Habits

There’s nothing more frustrating than a bad habit that continues to stick around even thought it’s not serving you. In this module, you’ll unlock the formula for changing any habit you want.

Module 5: Manage Stress

In Module 5, you’re going to dive deep into the world of stress and come out more empowered than ever to manage yours.

Module 6: Sleep Soundly

In Module 6, we’re going to set the record straight about why sleep matters and how to improve yours so you sleep more soundly than ever.

Module 7: Nourish Your Body

In Module 7, you’ll look more closely at your relationship with food and discover the ways of thinking that may be holding you back from being your healthiest and happiest.

Module 8: Move Mindfully

How can you begin to move more mindfully, with more intention? That’s what you’ll learn in Module 8.

Module 9: Make Peace

The first step in living more deeply is to move toward acceptance, forgiveness, and peace with yourself, and that’s what you’ll be doing in Module 9.

Module 10: Find Your Why

How are you going to find your why, a deeper sense of purpose that energizes your spirit? That’s what you’ll investigate in Module 10.

Module 12: Cultivate Resilience

As you make your way through Module 12, you’ll see several familiar themes from past lessons: purpose, habits, support networks, and more. And, you’ll learn why building resilience is a key to your overall sense of wellbeing.