CrossFit Open 15.3 Nutrition Strategy

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CrossFit Open 15.3 Nutrition Strategy |

If you’re participating in the Open, I’ve got a CrossFit Open 15.3 nutrition strategy that I wrote just for you!

So far, we’ve seen a classic couplet plus a separately scored max lift in 15.1, then a repeat of last year’s 14.2 ascending ladder. Now, 15.3 is a challenging triplet AMRAP (as many rounds / reps as possible) of muscle ups, wall balls, and double-unders.

It’s safe to say that eating well in the days, weeks and months leading up to the Open is the biggest way to set up a strong foundation for your best performance, but there are definitely some key pieces to think about based on the challenges in 15.3.

If you’re doing The Open, the workout for the third week is:


14-minute AMRAP:

7 muscle-ups
50 wall balls
100 double-unders

M 20-lb. ball to 10’
F 14-lb. ball to 9’

There is a scaled division workout if you don’t have a muscle up or double-unders yet, and it’s:

14-minute AMRAP:

50 wall balls
200 single-unders

M 20-lb. ball to 9’
F 10-lb. ball to 9’

AMRAPs are all about how much you can push through the urge to stop! If you’re skilled at muscle ups, those will be a fatiguing component right off the start.

The wall balls are a grinder no matter what division you’re competing in, so remember to rest only briefly; it’s easy to stand around trying to catch your breath. As for double- or single-unders, try to maintain a stacked body position and keep your movements relaxed yet controlled.

I competed in The Open three times and went to Regionals in 2013, so you could say I’m pretty familiar with how to eat for these types of workouts.

Click here for full detailed nutrition strategy for the CrossFit Open 15.3

There’s still time to get in on my free meal plans for The Open, too! Click here to get yours.

And, if you need some inspiration for meals, check out my award-winning, newly released The Performance Paleo Cookbook or read up on the science behind it in my ebook The Paleo Athlete!

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CrossFit Open 15.3 Nutrition Strategy |

Performance Paleo Cookbook |

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