Curating Your Life With Compassion & Self Care w/ Cristina Curp – Harder To Kill Radio #145

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After managing her autoimmunity and losing over 60 pounds, Cristina Curp created The Castaway Kitchen to share her healing journey as a mom trying to make it all work. She has an important message to share for those sick of the one size fits all approach to nutrition, and ready for a new set of rules.

Harder to Kill Radio 145: Curating Your Life With Compassion & Self Care w/ Cristina Curp

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About Cristina Curp

If you are looking for a real talk among the absolute craziness of the world today, then this episode is for you. Cristina is dishing out her favorite keto, paleo and AIP tips, and how she got over the numbers game and got healthy and happy. The truth is nobody has got it figured out, especially when you are dealing with autoimmunity. But if you can commit to getting yourself feeling better, you can make small incremental changes to find what works for you.

As women, we are trained by society to constantly be giving in order to prove our worth. It is time to take back your health journey and put yourself first, whatever version of you that is. Today Cristina encourages advocating for yourself, examines how to set realistic weight loss goals, and why you should be listening to your body, plus so much more. Have you had to battle similar weight and health-related setbacks?

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On Today’s Episode

  • Giving yourself space and being honest with your intentions
  • Balancing self-care, when to ask for help and being a new mom
  • Curating your life to surround yourself with things that make you feel good about yourself
  • Why you should be listening to your body and not an app
  • How to have compassion for yourself at any size

Resources Mentioned In This Show

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Made Whole Book

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“It’s a keto, paleo, AIP kind of mashup of all things that construe kind of the last four years of me troubleshooting and testing and tweaking my diet to figure out what I need to do to feel my best, and I kind of put it all in a book.” (5:52)

“I think you have to give yourself grace and know that when you mess up it’s not like ‘ooh, burn to the ground I have to start from scratch’. Like just keep going, pick up from where you left off it’s not like, you’re not wrong, you didn’t do anything wrong, you just stumbled.” (13:19)

“Asking for help was huge, and learning to realize that hey, I can for help, it’s okay, I deserve the help. It’s not because I’m failing, it’s not because I’m lazy, it’s because I fucking need help and that’s fine.” (30:42)

“When I committed to truly healing and did that emotional work, it became easier to stick to food choices and lifestyle choices that were truly going to benefit me, that weren’t going to be shortcuts for weight loss.” (37:20)

“There’s so much energy expended into not loving ourselves or thinking we are not good enough, and for what?” (48:44)

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Harder to Kill Radio 145: Curating Your Life With Compassion & Self Care w/ Cristina Curp

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