Diet Culture – Harder to Kill Radio #142

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Diet Culture is something we have to talk about, you and me. It’s all around us, and it’s having a profound impact on how you treat yourself.

Diet Culture – Harder to Kill Radio 142 |

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I’m Done with Diet Culture

Ughhhh Diet Culture. My first thought is always, “Fuck that shit.” And my second thought is that you need something more concrete so that you can begin unpacking the ways that Diet Culture has affected you.

If you’re constantly playing small in your life, obsessing over your body, and always starting your diet over again on Monday, you might be deeply affected. This topic and the many ways it affects women isn’t always comfortable to talk about. It’s sometimes even hard to see how Diet Culture is impacting your life. Awareness is a huge first step.

This isn’t time for blaming ourselves and each other for being in this mess. Rather, it’s time to talk, ask questions, and do things differently.

In this episode, I’m talking about (from my perspective) what Diet Culture is (and isn’t); how it operates to keep women small, distracted, and competing with each other; and some simple steps you can take today to begin opting out.

On Today’s Episode

  • What Diet Culture is (and isn’t)
  • How Diet Culture keeps women small
  • 3 ways to start opting out of Diet Culture

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