Diet Labels – Harder to Kill Radio #116

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Today we’re talking about DIET labels. And yes, I know my entire business up until this point has been built around the “paleo” label, but I hope you’ll hear me out on this one.

Diet Labels – Harder to Kill Radio #116

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Diet Labels: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

As many of you know, I’m rebranding later this year and moving towards a more personalized, whole nutrition philosophy along with my other three pillars of health. So I’ve been thinking a lot about diet labels and labeling in general and how damaging they can be.

I started Paleo back in 2009 and found that at first, I was good with the “yes” and “no” foods. But after about 6 months I started to realize that some of the “no” foods worked for me and not all the “yes” foods were good in my life.

The labels were limiting me. So I started to personalize my nutrition and figured out what foods worked for me and what didn’t. It started to look a lot more like paleo-ish.

Here’s the thing: when you start identifying with the labels of your “capital D diet” it has the power to take over your life and cause you an immense amount of stress.

You try to navigate your lifestyle into that label instead of figuring out how that label can fit your lifestyle, health, and goals.

Don’t get me wrong, there can be good things about labels. They can help you understand and navigate a seemingly complex world of food options and help you find a community of people to align to, helping you feel less alone in the world.

But really ask yourself, is the label preventing you from exploring other options? Or worse, has it become such a huge part of your identity that moving on or letting go is going to cause a personal crisis?

On Today’s Episode

  • The pros and cons of labels
  • My personal experience with labels
  • How to not ruin relationships when talking about labels
  • My thoughts on white potatoes (just kidding; but seriously)

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