why are you so hangry podcast art episode 209 harder to kill radio

Why Are You So Hangry? w/ Dr. Brooke Kalanick – Harder to Kill Radio 209

Are you often unable to fall asleep, experiencing mood swings, random cravings, or are unable to work out the way you want to? Instead of focusing on pushing yourself harder, these issues may require a deeper look into your hormonal changes and how it is affecting your body.

why are you so hangry podcast art episode 209 harder to kill radio

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Supporting Your Hormones

While it is normal for women to experience highs and lows in their hormones, sometimes we can feel confused and under-informed. This is why I have hormone expert Dr. Brooke Kalanick back on the show today to help you understand your hormones holistically and what you can start, or stop, doing to help support your body best.

Dr. Brooke is exploding with information, explaining the connection between your menstrual cycle, nutrition, exercise level, and hormones, the role cortisol and thyroid levels play in your ability to regulate itself, and why you should be listening to your appetite, cravings, energy, and sleep to hear what your hormones are trying to tell you.

Learn about which environmental and stress factors could be wreaking havoc on your hormones, ways to allow yourself to get to a place unrestricted by strict nutrition rules, and how to support your hormones through perimenopause, menopause and beyond.

Dr. Brooke is all about customizing a solution to fit your needs and shares her foundational approaches to life and wellness which is changing women’s lives with her and Sarah Fragoso’s new book, Hangry. If the title alone resonates with you, you need to listen in on Dr. Brooke’s pillars to success in order to empower yourself to become fully present in life again.

Stop mistaking common symptoms for normal and start getting answers so that you can start feeling better. Are you ready to start listening to your intuition and put your own health first? Share where you are at in your hormone discovery journey in the comments below.

On Today’s Episode

  • Using nutrition and stress management to offset hormonal changes after 30
  • How to start personalizing your carb timing for your specific carb tolerance
  • Which foods you should be eating at different times of the month depending on you
  • Signs that you may need to decrease your exercise for your own good
  • Understanding your cravings and why they aren’t something to freak out about
  • Ways to prioritize what moves the needle for your health without guilt

Resources Mentioned In This Show


“We shouldn’t be mad at our hormones, we shouldn’t feel like they are betraying us, they are trying so hard to stay in balance in our crazy, bonkers, toxic, busy, overstressed world.” (14:05)

“It’s not as pretty, it’s not as easy for me to just say ‘you have got this hormone issue so you need to eat this many grams this many times a day’. For a lot of women, it’s a little more nuanced than that.” (32:07)

“Most women have multiple hormone issues going on and so we really need to take them in a systematic fashion and deal with the stuff that makes you hangry first.” (39:48)

“Be who you are authentically and unapologetically. Because when we are not, I really think that is the most, and Sarah would agree with me, the most stressful thing for a woman.” (51:57)

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why are you so hangry podcast art episode 209 harder to kill radio

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