Harder To Kill Radio 237 How To Reduce Your Risk Of A Cancer Diagnosis w/ Dr. Christian Gonzalez

Reducing Your Risk of Chronic Illness w/ Dr. Christian Gonzalez – Harder to Kill Radio 237

Information and education are the most powerful ways to advocate for your body. From greenwashing to pesticides to cancer, informed consent is a crucial part of making decisions about how you want to heal your body. This is where Dr. Christian Gonzalez comes in, a licensed naturopathic doctor and oncology expert specializing in breast cancer.

Harder To Kill Radio 237 How To Reduce Your Risk Of A Cancer Diagnosis w/ Dr. Christian Gonzalez

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Finding The Root Of Your Ailments

Dr. Gonzalez has seen first hand the toll that misinformation, incorrect diet and cancer-causing agents have had on our population, especially women, and decided to do something about it. Dr. G uses practical tools to empower people to make informed decisions about things they encounter on a daily basis to help reduce your risk of cancer, find the root of your ailments, or just live a healthier and more liberated life.

Learn about anti-cancer foods, the importance of physical activity, small changes you can gradually make in your household, and non-negotiable testing that you need to be doing if you take your health seriously. By simplifying your nutrition, discerning from true and false information on the internet through real research, and understanding the process of how cancer is formed, you can protect yourself and your family from the modern cancer causers we find all around us.

Dr. G is doing his part to change the game and open up the conversation around nutrition, health, cancer and how to live your best life. What role do informed consent, research, and education play in the way you take care of your body? Share your strategies with us in the comments below.

On Today’s Episode

  • What to look out for when grocery shopping and how to avoid greenwashing
  • The importance of paying close attention to high-quality foods and ingredients
  • How your bed, couch or paint could be affecting your brain health and cancer risk
  • Exercise tips to help you reduce your risk of cancer without high intensity
  • Practical ways to empower yourself with informed consent to make changes in your life

Resources Mentioned In This Show

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Heal Thy Self Podcast

Environmental Working Group

EWG’s Skin Deep Database

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Nutritional Therapy Association Website


“We have to pay attention to what healthy even means and how we can maximize well past that.” (19:17)

“There is such a huge deficit in nutrition when it comes to cancer, understanding what needs to happen, why cancer occurred and how to look for those reasons after. So that is what my work is.” (22:52)

“If I could bottle up the benefits of physical activity into a capsule and sell it, I would be a billionaire right now. That is how powerful physical activity is, it is as effective as many of these interventions that we do, even conventional medical intervention.” (34:06)

“Give those gut bugs love, have the rainbow of colors, plants… whatever it is, just have these foods found on Earth that the Universe blessed us with these forms of food.” (42:20)

“You can find affordable options. Either way, just the awareness of all of this, you are already in the right direction. Because having that click and looking for these things… you are much better than you were before.” (52:42)

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Harder To Kill Radio 237 How To Reduce Your Risk Of A Cancer Diagnosis w/ Dr. Christian Gonzalez


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