The Benefits of an Entrepreneurial Mindset w/ Kristen Roberts – Harder To Kill Radio 131

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For a lot of us entrepreneurs, striking our own path towards success is overwhelming and full of doubts. We often feel that we have to be the expert in all things and do so much of it on our own. Kristen Roberts, my super great friend, amazing business women, and trailblazer is here to tell you why that’s bogus. Kristen has built her own law firm that helps small business owners succeed. In the process, she has learned how your mindset is the most important factor in getting your company off the ground.

Harder To Kill Radio 131: Why An Entrepreneurial Mindset Will Benefit All Areas Of Your Life w/ Kristen Roberts

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About Kristen Roberts

I first met Kristen when I was a judge at a Crossfit competition and she was a competitor. Since then, we’ve been closely following each other’s journey. Kristen runs her San Diego law firm, Trestle Law, where she forms tight relationships with small business owners to help them navigate the numerous legal hurdles they might encounter. Having walked her own unconventional path, Kristen knows what it takes to help her clients succeed.

This is not your typical episode, but it is super relevant. We talk a lot about mindset today and how yours is crucial in all the things you do. We discuss why not to follow the prescribed path and how going your own way and doing what feels best for you can lead to the best type of success.

Kristen has so much wisdom to share and I loved our conversation. No matter your business, or if you don’t have one, this is an important episode for you.

What do you do to shape and maintain a mindset that helps you succeed at whatever you do? Let me know in the comments!

On Today’s Episode

  • The reasons why it’s important for entrepreneurs to use an attorney
  • Why knowing what you don’t want to do in business is as important as knowing what you do want to do
  • Dealing with the nagging doubts and fears in your mind that tell you not to take risks
  • Recognizing if you suffer from imposter syndrome and not letting it undercut your abilities
  • How having the right support from other people is the most important coping mechanism when running your own business
  • Restructuring your business as you prepare to have a family

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“I don’t want to be pigeon-holed. A lot of law firms, when you work at a firm, there’s this goal. The goal is to always become a partner, become a part owner. Well, how do you become a partner? Traditionally speaking, you bring in business and you build up a good business. That’s what makes you valuable to a company. I looked at that and I went, if I’m going to do that anyway, why don’t I just do it for myself? Then at least I get to call the shots and make the rules.”  (10:40)

“My biggest piece of advice is always to treat your business the way you want to see it in 5 years not the way it is now. So if you see yourself being a bigger company making X amount of money 5 years from now, you want to treat that first deal like you would treat that 40th deal. It’s going to have a ripple effect throughout your business as your business grows.”  (18:33)

“There really isn’t  a right path. Even if the path that you pick doesn’t lead you to where you ultimately want to be, at least it leads you to where you don’t want to be, so you figure that out early, and you can pivot and shift and do something else..”   (29:21)

“I think having support is the number one coping mechanism. I don’t think it’s just you. Don’t think that you’re just relying on yourself and you’re this person out on a limb by yourself. Recognize who’s there for you and don’t be afraid to reach out to them.” (37:42)

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Harder To Kill Radio 131: Why An Entrepreneurial Mindset Will Benefit All Areas Of Your Life w/ Kristen Roberts

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