Evolutionary Therapies with Allyson Chrystal – Harder to Kill Radio #69

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Join me for this week’s episode of Harder to Kill Radio, Evolutionary Therapies with Allyson Chrystal.

Evolutionary Therapies with Allyson Chrystal | StupidEasyPaleo.com

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Allyson Chrystal’s bio:

Allyson Chrystal is an occupational therapist and clinical instructor specializing in pediatrics.

In her clinical work and research, Allyson has focused on sensory integration and self-regulation in children with behavioral and developmental disorders. More recently, she has expanded her work with self-regulation to typically developing children and adolescents.

Allyson is also currently completing a Master’s degree in Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition.

Understanding a child’s story is the first step in effective treatment. What are the barriers to this child’s success? What are the root causes of dysfunction or disorder? What are the environmental factors that are contributing to imbalance? And most importantly, how does a child’s behavior give clues to the underlying concerns?

In pediatric treatment, it’s crucial to address a child’s physiological, emotional, social, and environmental needs. The combination of occupational therapy and functional medicine provides a comprehensive and holistic treatment approach. When we truly understand a child’s story, healing can begin.

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Harder to Kill Radio Ep 69 | StupidEasyPaleo.com

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