Harder To Kill Radio 109: Finding Adventure & Balance In Your Wellness Journey w/ Adam & Vanessa Lambert of Bee The Wellness

Finding Adventure & Balance In Your Wellness Journey w/ Adam & Vanessa Lambert of Bee The Wellness – Harder To Kill Radio 109

Adam and Vanessa Lambert have been living a badass life blending adventure travel, spirituality and wellness for years. Along the way, they started Bee The Wellness to share their passion for living your best life with people around the world. Inspired by their love of movement and desire to help people achieve ultimate health, Bee the Wellness to help clients seamlessly integrate Paleo (and the benefits of adventure) into their life.

Instead of stressing about diet and wellness, Adam and Vanessa want to help people realize what works best for them personally on their wellness journey in a way that fits into their lives. Incorporating their own love of travel, the Lamberts routinely organize retreats in far off places, and create lasting bonds over the Paleo revolution. By thinking of your health as an adventure, not a chore, Adam and Vanessa have helped countless people get on their path to becoming the best versions of themselves through Paleo.

Harder To Kill Radio 109: Finding Adventure & Balance In Your Wellness Journey w/ Adam & Vanessa Lambert of Bee The Wellness

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About Adam & Vanessa

Adam and Vanessa Lambert have been living and working in the Paleo world for nearly 10 years. Adam is a Battalion Chief for the third largest fire department in the United States and the author of popular fitness blog Fit For Duty. Vanessa is a lifelong a health and fitness enthusiast, avid sports player, gymnast, and personal trainer. Together they co-created Bee the Wellness to help their clients achieve optimal health through individualized, innovative personal coaching. They focus on exercise that you enjoy, and eating foods that make you happy while also giving your body what it needs to perform at its highest level.

Have you found a way to integrate a wellness practice into your life that doesn’t feel like a chore? What are your techniques and mindsets? Let us know in the comments on the show notes page!

In This Episode

  • How to find your balance through movement and diet
  • What you need to do to tap into achieving your bodies optimal power
  • How to maintain a healthy (and specifically paleo) diet while travelling
  • Why the Paleo diet is transforming lives, and how to get started yourself
  • Tips to avoid being ‘spread too thin’
  • Why pushing your limits and getting out of your comfort zone can be just what you need to make changes in your normal daily life

Resources Mentioned In This Show

Bee The Wellness

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“The thing that we have found is that the more restrictive things are, the harder and more limiting it starts to feel. Even if people are good to go with eating a fairly limited diet, there is something that happens in their mindset around things that they can’t do.” (20:07)

“We should work hard on ourselves, we should take good care of ourselves, and then we should let the wonderful experience of love and life happen and know that this is actually part of taking care of ourselves.” (25:41)

“The piece that we love watching and being a catalyst for is people coming into these adventures and experiences as one person and leaving as another. The sense of accomplishment and possibility they have for themselves after completing an adventure is just so beautiful.” (45:39)

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Harder To Kill Radio 109: Finding Adventure & Balance In Your Wellness Journey w/ Adam & Vanessa Lambert of Bee The Wellness

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