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What Does Food Freedom Mean?

Food freedom in its true sense is eating healthy (in a way that works for you) without feeling guilty and constantly “falling off the wagon.”

It’s eating in a way that gives you energy, supports your strength training and active lifestyle, and leaves you in a good mood.

Food freedom is enjoying the occasional fun foods without crawling into a shame cave.

It’s eating in a way that honors your culture and heritage.

Food freedom is finding the middle ground between the foods that make you feel amazing…without having to bring all you pre-portioned “safe” food to a social gathering.

That’s no way to live, ‘kay?

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How to Stop Eating All-or-Nothing

Contrary to popular belief, making “bad” foods off-limits is not a strategy for eating healthy and keeping it up.

This is how healthy eating usually goes:

  • Crack down hard on your eating habits
  • Never allow satisfaction or fun foods
  • Use all your willpower to avoid “bad” foods
  • Eventually give in and overeat or binge on the “bad” foods
  • Feel guilty and bad about yourself
  • Repeat over and over

This all-or-nothing mentality with food leaves you exhausted with no energy to do the things you want. It erodes your self-confidence. It prevents you from developing healthy eating habits that last.

You need a way to break out of the cycle of all-or-nothing eating.

The Food Freedom Mini-Course is your first step!

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What is the Food Freedom Mini-Course?

This Mini-Course with guided video lessons is the kickstart you need.

You’ll learn:

  • Lesson 1 – What you need to remove from your life if you want food freedom
  • Lesson 2 – The number one mindset switch to get you out of restriction
  • Lesson 3 – The superpower you need to leverage to make healthy eating easier

Plus, each lesson comes with a challenge to put into action. Because when you take action, you build momentum. And momentum helps you get results.

If you’re ready to leave the all-or-nothing eating behind and embrace food freedom, this mini-course is your first step.

See you inside!