Here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions that come up a lot in my community.

What happened to the Made Strong Program?

It got retired so I can focus on coaching women to break up with diets in my Tune In Membership!

Are you paleo anymore?

No. Looking back, Paleo was a stepping stone for me to move away from traditional dieting but it had its limitations and in some ways, kept me thinking in a disordered way about food.

Now, I use the principles of Intuitive Eating and am free to eat in ways that support my well-being and satisfaction. No foods are off-limits. No more food guilt.

In 2019, I became a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and I help women move from stressed to calm when it comes to food.

How can I join your newsletter?

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What’s a podcast?

It’s a free streaming radio show you can listen to on any device that’s connected to the internet. You can listen to podcasts through websites or apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Check out my podcast here: Listen to Your Body Podcast

Does it cost anything to subscribe to your podcast?

No, it doesn’t. When you subscribe, you tell your device to pull each new show out of the cloud so you can listen to it. Subscribing tells the apps you love this show, so it’s more likely to get recommended to others. Bottom line: please subscribe!

Do you offer 1-on-1 nutritional therapy services?

I do not.

What brand of safer skincare do you recommend?

I’m a Beautycounter consultant and really love the company’s mission, advocacy efforts, and products.  Click here to read more about safer skincare.

I also love what Primally Pure and Fatco have to offer so check them out.

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