The Fucket List: 21 Things I'm Not Doing (Again) |

The Fucket List: 21 Things I’m Not Doing (Again)

Ah, the Fucket List.

The Fucket List: 21 Things I'm Not Doing (Again) |

The other day, I was messaging back and forth with my friend, Rick. He told me he wanted to do a marathon so he could declare, “One and done!” I replied, “From bucket to fucket,” and we had a good laugh.

Seems that everyone I know has a Bucket List which is – quite morbidly – all the things you want to do before you die…or “kick the bucket.”

See Macchu Picchu.

Stroll around the Louvre. (Done that. Bring snacks. That place is huge.)

Swim with dolphins.

Make a million dollars.

All pretty common Bucket List items.

But recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about all the things I don’t want to do before I die.

Maybe it’s a function of getting older and giving fewer shits about what people think or say. (Note: I said “fewer,” not “zero.” Nobody’s perfect.)

Perhaps it’s feeling more assured about who I am as a person. (Definitely inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s First Commandment of Happiness, “Be Gretchen.”)

Or maybe it’s just realizing that I’m okay with releasing some of the potential “maybe this would be cool somedays” on the seemingly infinite menu of things to do that is life. My friend Jackie calls it JOMO: the joy of missing out.

Whatever it is, I’m feeling inspired to declare some of my fucket items, because letting things go is just as powerful as digging in your heels and refusing to give up. Two sides of the same coin. Both a fact of life. And both necessary at times.

Looking Back

Now, I guess that technically speaking, a Fucket List is something that you never want to do in (the rest of) your life. I could be breaking some unwritten urban legend here by including things I never want to do AGAIN. It’s important to learn from mistakes and honor the process of growing and evolving as a human being. I’m totally still making mistakes all the time so maybe I’ll come back and add to my Fucket List in the future.

Undoubtedly, there will be some things on this list that make you scratch your head, some that you completely disagree with, and some that you’ll totally love.

If you personally like any of these things, there’s no judgment! Remember, this is my personal list.

Whatever the case, I hope this motivates you to sit down and create a Fucket List of your own.

Without further ado, here’s…

The Fucket List: 21 Things I'm Not Doing (Again) |

My Fucket List: 21 Things I’m Not Doing (Again):

1. Count calories. (Dear Odin in Asgard, never again. If I could only have all the minutes back I wasted doing that.)

2. Fat-free cheese. (Whoever invented this edible abomination has some serious explaining to do.)

3. Jump out of an airplane. (Heights. No. Full stop. Caveat: unless it’s crashing.)

4. Wear clothes that are too small for me. (If I have to buy new pants, whatevs. It’s the pants’s problem, not mine.)

5. Run a marathon. (Haha, shocker! I did one in 2007 to “prove I could.” One of the most miserable experiences of my life, and I was well trained. Truly a “one and done.”)

6. Mountaineering. (I belong on solid ground, not icy glaciers. I’ve been most of the way up Mount Rainier, and that proved to me I wasn’t made for high alpine life.)

7. Apologize for my introverted ways. (My idea of a fun Friday night is being in my jammies, watching something on Netflix with my husband and my cat.)

8. Get married. (Third time’s been the charm.)

9. Change my last name. (Holy hell, what an annoyance. See #8. Hence why my last name is still my maiden name even though I’m married.)

10. Take myself so damn seriously. (Nobody else does, so why should I?)

The Fucket List: 21 Things I'm Not Doing (Again) |

11. Liver. (Guys, I just can’t. Everyone has given me their “this is the recipe for liver haters” recipes, and I’ve tried them all. I know how good it is for me, but I can’t eat it. Instead, I take desiccated liver pills.)

12. Try to make my thighs smaller. (Been there, done that. They’re big and powerful, and that’s just the way my parents made me.)

13. Travel alone. (I mean really taking a whole trip by myself. As an introvert, I find that weird.)

14. Elective cosmetic surgery. (I’ve never had the desire to change my perfectly good parts.)

15. Live in a tiny house. (Seems cute at first, but considering I work from home, no way.)

16. Go back to snowy winters in New England. (I know, I know. Totally gonna get hate mail for that one!)

17. See Nickelback in concert. (Amirite?)

18. Give my time to fake people. (Bye, Felicia.)

19. Wear gloves to lift weights. (Calluses aren’t a bad thing. Feeling the bar makes such a huge difference.)

20. Give up meat. (My worst health was as a vegetarian.)

21. Be afraid to be me. (This list included. Life is too short to be anything but Steph.)

Alright, I want to know what’s on your Fucket List.

Here’s a fun graphic you can use for Instagram Stories and fill in your own. Tons of you have been sharing your Fucket Lists, and I’m loving them so much. Tag me @stupideasypaleo when you do!

The Fucket List: 21 Things I'm Not Doing (Again) |

Leave me a comment below and tell me one thing you’re never doing (again)!

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The Fucket List: 21 Things I'm Not Doing (Again) |

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81 Responses

  1. Never again am I intentionally spending time with someone I don’t like (unless for work). Time is too precious and I have finally realized I am allowed (and it is ok) to be picky with the people I choose to surround myself with.

  2. As a perpetual list maker, I LOVE this! I will never again let someone’s opinion of me alter the way I see myself. It’s taken a long time to get there, but I’m finally starting to feel comfortable just being me.

  3. Comparing myself to other people or comparing myself to a past version of me. Soooo pointless and draining and self-defeating. I just can’t anymore.

    1. Yesssss Mimi!!! That’s so powerful to step away from those expectations. Cheering you on, lady!

  4. Trek to Everest Base Camp. Did it this past November as it was the #1 thing on my bucket list. Altitude sickness and the same damn ginger lemon tea with every meal (ironically to help avoid altitude sickness) put that straight from bucket to fuckit.

    1. Oh my gosh Everest Base Camp! That sounds completely overwhelming and big. Bucket to fucket haha yes!

    2. Yes! to this. Although I felt accomplished getting there, still call it one of my best ‘holidays’ and recommend others get amongst the giants at least once – never again! The smell of dung fuel fires still haunts me.

  5. Never again will I not give it a go (blog, publish, etc.) because I am afraid people won’t like it (aka, me).

    Side note – your recent story about starting a business and what you really need vs what you think you need was perfect (for me)!

    1. I love that Leah! Big and bold. I feel the same way sometimes to be honest. So glad that that one resonated!

  6. HAHA I love this idea! I did something similar on my blog but it was a more subtle “20 things I’m letting go of.” Baby showers and other pointless so called celebratory obligations that make me cringe are def on my fuckit list (and I know I’ll get a lot of hate for that).

    1. Oh I love that…definitely more subtle. I’m as subtle as a bull in a china shop! I hear you on that, actually. There are just some things I do not enjoy ever.

  7. I am never dieting again. Yes I want to lose ten pounds. Yes my health and fitness are important to me. But I will never again let somebody else tell me what my body needs or wants. Fucket. ?

  8. Be ashamed of being weird and awkward. Is there even a such thing as normal anyway?
    I love all of yours by the way, I too am an introvert. No more trying to change it. The people who mind don’t matter and the people who matter don’t mind.

  9. My Fucket list isn’t very long. Still figuring my life out. But a big one for me: I will no longer be afraid to tell people no. I am so tired of people taking advantage of me and my time. I shouldn’t need an excuse to not do something other than, I don’t want to. So No has become a favorite lately.

    1. Mmmmm yes that is a powerful one Brittany!! You’re awesome, and I love the quote, “No is a complete sentence.”

  10. Never again will I waste my time on someone who isnt worth my time. I try to surround myself with people who push me farther rather than shrink me down.

  11. I will never change who I am or do things I don’t believe in just for the sake of fitting in. I will not apologize for being my incredible self.
    I will never hate my body or any of its parts. I hated my legs forever because I thought they were ugly but they are incredibly strong. This 53 year old body just did a 370 pound deadlift.

    1. Chari, that’s AMAZING. 370 pounds is nothing to sneeze at!! Well done and I love your additions to the fucket list.

  12. Girl I LOVE THIS LIST. So with you on the fat-free cheese, it tastes like nothing.
    Something on my list- I won’t eat food I don’t like/won’t eat to make someone else happy. I choose what I eat, period.
    I also don’t care what other bigger bloggers are doing anymore. They’re on their own path and I’m on mine. And that’s cool.

    1. Oh I love love love that…”I won’t eat for I don’t like to make someone else happy.” That is so damn powerful. And yes to walking your own path!

  13. I live in a small town. Never again will I worry about what someone thinks or says about me. I will hold my head up high and be proud of what and who I am.

  14. #17!! I laughed waaay harder than I should have. You are SOO right, girl.

    Never again will I try to ‘help’ people who will not be helped. Waste.Of.Time.

  15. I will never again (or will do my very best not to) do what I’m “supposed to” when it just doesn’t sit right in my gut. Speaking of gut, I will also do my very best to never again not follow my instincts. Aaaand…I will do my best to never withhold from myself the grace to fail that I would freely give to someone else. (all of these “do my bests” are because I have decided to never again require perfection or all-or-nothing from myself)

    1. That gut is so damn powerful!!! Oh wow I love that…”the grace to fail that I would freely give to someone else.” Just beautiful. Thank you Tracey!

  16. So many things on my list. Your #1 for sure. Also let someone shame me into thinking I “have to” have kids. Or let someone shame me that I spend money on my dog – whatever i want for her to have. Or try to convince me that it’s not okay to want to be a faster runner (I run for fun at a pace of 12:00 and I’m fine with it). So many more I could add!

  17. Thank you so much for the perpetual grin that is currently on my face. I have had ‘quite the day’ and so to open my computer and see your list…BLOODY FANTASTIC said with a KIWI accent . Are power to you babe x

  18. Never again will I apologize for or change who I am, what I stand for and what I’m passionate about because it makes someone uncomfortable.??

    And your list Steph, LOVE it.

  19. Ten years ago I was a weight lifter and body builder, then I got a chronic illness. 7 years later, I’m not fit, a bit of a mess and fighting to get well enough to go back to the gym, formerly my happy place. I’m done with apologizing for my multiple food sensitivities, for having to to go to bed at 9, for taking care of me first instead of last.

    1. Big hugs coming your way Ginger. I feel you the apologizing for going to bed at 9 thing! Taking care of you is so important.

  20. I like this idea

    1) wear a puffy lacy big wedding dress or any other like dress. I hate that shit.

    2) pretend I’m domestic. I’m not. You should see my fridge. The gig is up.

    3) move for a man. No, nope, did it, it’s stupid.

    4) work late because u think it impresses people. Don’t. It doesn’t.

    5) eat Kale. Cause kale.

  21. This is amazing!! I will NEVER hold back on going for something because it feels safer. Taking those leaps of faith!

  22. Can’t wait to do my fucket list. Probably gonna start with “caring about how others think I should raise my kids.” This thing is stressful. Everytime someone starts a sentence with “I think you should…” I wanna disappear (reality is I wanna punch them in the face but this sentence could be too strong…oh well)
    Thanks for the tip! 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh, I can only imagine that pressure and the judgments that come along with it, Tammy. Love em and do the best you can…I think that’s all anyone can really do <3

  23. THIS THIS THIS!!!! So perfect! I could make my own list out of almost everything you said, and even the comments. I will start with not worrying about what people think of me. The only thing that matters is what I think of myself!

  24. I am never going to pretend I like something for a guy. I still have ZZ top albums to prove I did it once.

  25. A thru-hike. I did 3 weeks on the AT last year and realized…. no way would I do this every day for 5-6 months. I love a few days on the trail, maybe even up to 2 weeks but anything longer?…. no. Just no.

  26. 3 things that I can think of right off hand at 61 years young…
    1) not give my controlling brothers my power!
    2)I will not get breast cancer again! (Double mastectomy)
    3) I will never NOT be grateful again, every day, in every way!
    Being grateful has brought me through my darkest days!

  27. Never, ever perming my hair again. LOL!
    Or running, unless being chased. (My body ain’t made for that.)
    Or, thx so much to Danielle Laporte, considering myself to be a hyper-sensitive person, as that’s just self-centered pretentiousness that turns the situation to be all ’bout ya (really, so many great thoughts in her new White Hot Truth book).


    1. I love these!! Thank you for sharing some of your fucket list Alicia. I definitely need to check that book out 🙂

  28. Tops on my fucket list – Stop letting people make me feel like I’m “broken” or less of a person because I’m not married and don’t have children. There’s more to me than that

  29. Eat 1200 calories logging everything into My Fitness Pal and obsessing over every tiny macro. Or do a Whole30 and live in fear of cheating. I love living my hormonally balanced life eating foods that are good for me, my way (and yes, it is mostly a Whole30-ish plan, but it is MINE and it is not scary or stressful).
    One more: I’ll never do a crazy Insanity workout at 12:00 am because I have to check it off my calendar or I’ll stay fat. Lifting weights and walking has done more good for my hormones and body than stressful HIIT ever did!

    1. Thank you for so candidly sharing these, Shari. I can say for certain that you are not alone <3

  30. I will never again force any friendship, if you’re not my cup of tea or I’m not yours, that is OK. I will never again keep working out even though I’m in pain, nope never again. And I will never again do any kind of dieting. I will no longer kill myself to be liked by anyone. I’m fine just how I am.

  31. My third day with you. You reek of compassion and several other badasseries. You are my hero.

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