Goodbye FOMO, Hello JOMO – Harder to Kill Radio 144 |

Goodbye FOMO, Hello JOMO – Harder to Kill Radio 144

FOMO, the Fear of Missing Out, is stronger than ever these days thanks to social media and the ever-looming anxiety that there’s more, better, different things you could be doing with your time.

Goodbye FOMO, Hello JOMO – Harder to Kill Radio 144 |

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Time to Kick FOMO to the Curb

In fact, I see the way social media is designed for endless scroll and swiping as part of the problem. There’s always something more interesting you could be looking at. The 24-hour news cycle and tendency to be constantly plugged in aren’t helping.

Let’s be honest: the overwhelm from FOMO isn’t doing you any favors. It’s makes it easier to engage in less quality social connections, overextend yourself with stuff you don’t really want to do, and make you feel frazzled.

Thankfully, there’s another way.

In this episode, I dive into the concept of JOMO, the JOY of Missing Out, and why it’s just as viable as its evil older sibling FOMO. You’ll learn about the connection between JOMO, values, self-care, boundaries, slow living, and presence.

It ain’t easy, but with a shift in mindset, you’ll learn to relish the idea of JOMO.

On Today’s Episode

  • What FOMO is and why it sucks
  • Why JOMO isn’t just a better alternative, it’s a relief
  • 3 ways to help you prioritize your life to make way for more JOMO

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