Goodbye. Hello. – Harder to Kill Radio #150

Goodbye. Hello. – Harder to Kill Radio 150

It’s time to say goodbye to Stupid Easy Paleo!

Goodbye. Hello. – Harder to Kill Radio #150

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For the last seven years, Stupid Easy Paleo been my website and brand. But just like most good things, it was time to move on and welcome a novel concept…being myself. Welcome to my new home online (including this podcast), and I’m so frickin’ pumped to show you what it’s all about.

In this episode, I’m talking a little bit more about why some things must die to make way for new growth. Their parts must be added back to the soil to enrich it for new things to unfurl. Death need not be scary if we view it as a transformation. I’m acknowledging some sticking points and lessons I’ve learned, plus telling you all about why this birth is symbolic in all the best ways.

Change is inevitable. And it’s amazing to me how many people think they’re not allowed to change. Or, the thought that changing your mind or changing direction is quitting. (Plus, when is quitting ever seen as a good thing?!) Remember to give yourself grace and space to change your mind!

On Today’s Episode

  • Why some things must die so others can grow
  • The history of Stupid Easy Paleo and the mistakes I’ve made along the way
  • Why you’re not a quitter if you change your mind

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  1. Where have you been all my life (or the last three years??? I am so happy to have found you, your vast materials, and people/podcasts! Hallelujah!

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