Harder To Kill Radio How To Become The Best Version Of You Through Sobriety w/ Veronica Valli

The Great Big Sober Secret w/ Veronica Valli – Harder to Kill Radio 205

Popular culture has made us believe that in order to get to the land of self-acceptance, fun, freedom, and adventure, we need alcohol. Veronica Valli realized that this could not be further from the truth after she stopped drinking at the age of 27, and has since set out to share benefits of sobriety with others.

Harder To Kill Radio How To Become The Best Version Of You Through Sobriety w/ Veronica Valli

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Navigating Sobriety

Today we are addressing all your questions about getting sober, and the answers may surprise you. Learn why Veronica felt the need to stop drinking, what questions to ask yourself to judge your relationship with alcohol and if it is a problem, and learn why Veronica is determined to break the socially constructed normalized crutch of alcohol abuse.

If you have never stopped to question the cultural differences, societal pressures and physical toll that drinking can take on your body, Veronica is here to open your eyes. A true believer in the freedom and fun you can find in sobriety, Veronica strives to make alcohol free as standard as gluten-free or vegetarian without batting an eyelid.

Drinking culture can be a difficult thing to navigate, but with the tools and support, Veronica provides, you can stop using alcohol to cope and start thriving in the sober community.

How does your relationship with alcohol affect your day to day routine? Share with us in the comments below.

On Today’s Episode

  • Changing the perception around sobriety and the gifts it can bring you
  • Addressing the mom drinking culture pushed by advertising companies
  • Tips to help you avoid drinking in social situations without confrontation
  • How stopping drinking can help you find out who your real friends are
  • Exploring the ways sobriety can open you up to be your best self

Resources Mentioned In This Show


“I stopped drinking when I was 27, and I thought my life was over, but I couldn’t continue as I was. And in fact, the reverse was true, my life expanded in ways are just frankly beyond my wildest dreams.” (9:36)

“The secret is, you can get to the land of fun, excitement, belonging, connection, relaxing, romance, and sex, sober… and it’s better.” (22:42)

“When they look at the true cost, it is quite shocking to them, it’s your integrity, your dignity, it’s those costs, your self-esteem.” (32:21)

“When alcohol rents space in your head, when you’re thinking about drinking or not drinking or how much you are going to drink or what time you are going to drink or have you drank too much, its renting space in your head. That’s the indication that you have a problem.” (39:14)

“A sober life is a fantastic life, it is just amazing. And I really want people to see that.” (50:57)

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Harder To Kill Radio Harder To Kill Radio How To Become The Best Version Of You Through Sobriety w/ Veronica Valli

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