Harder To Kill Radio 119: Is Your Gut Health In Check? Here's What To Look For w/ Dr. Michael Ruscio

Is Your Gut Health In Check? What To Look For w/ Dr. Michael Ruscio – Harder To Kill Radio 119

Have you been taking steps to better your health and are still not feeling quite right? There is a good chance that gut imbalance may be the culprit. After dealing with his own health struggles and finding relief once he finally checked his gut, Dr. Michael Ruscio saw a lack of knowledge surrounding gut health. His no-nonsense views on healing chronic illness have helped his patients get their health back and their lives on track.

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Harder To Kill Radio 119: Is Your Gut Health In Check? Here's What To Look For w/ Dr. Michael Ruscio


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About Dr. Michael Ruscio

Dr. Ruscio has dedicated his life to sharing his knowledge of functional medicine and ‘starting with the gut’, and gives us a full breakdown of how all of our insides function, all of the variables that can impact your gut health, as well as your gut’s relationship to your mouth health, thyroid and autoimmunity.

Listen to all of Dr. Ruscio’s tips, tricks, symptoms and warning signs in today’s episode. Do you struggle with gut imbalance? Let us know your thoughts on Dr. Ruscio’s functional medicine approach below!

On Today’s Episode

  • The difference between functional and conventional medicine
  • A breakdown of how we digest food and how to improve your digestive systems
  • The profound effect your mouth health can have on your gut
  • Ways your lifestyle may be contributing to gut imbalance
  • How your social interactions could also be playing a role in your gut health
  • Why improving your gut health can sometimes mean taking less medication

Resources Mentioned In This Show

Healthy Gut Healthy You Book

Dr. Michael Ruscio

Dr. Ruscio Radio

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“It wasn’t until I treated the underlying problem in the gut that I improved. So I decided to follow the footsteps of the doctor who treated me. And I went into this realm of alternative medicine, and that’s where I am now and it’s a terrific field to be in.” (9:01)

“Certain [gut] probiotics can aid in depression and anxiety, we see a correlation between different digestive conditions and high cholesterol, high blood sugar and weight gain. And better yet still, the treatment of those gut imbalances showing the ability to improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels, we see a connection to dermatitis or skin that’s prone to breakouts and rosacea. We see a connection to rheumatoid arthritis and dietary changes and also bacterial overgrowth. So there is a lot we are learning there” (13:17)

“If you have taken a couple steps to improve your diet and lifestyle and you are not feeling fully well, the next step should be investigating and optimizing your gut health.” (15:56)


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Harder To Kill Radio 119: Is Your Gut Health In Check? Here's What To Look For w/ Dr. Michael Ruscio

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