How to Stand for Better Health: Harder to Kill Radio 055

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On this week’s episode of Harder to Kill Radio, meet mobility masters Kelly & Juliet Starrett.

Harder to Kill Radio 055 - MobilityWOD |

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Meet Episode 55’s Guests, Kelly & Juliet Starrett

“You don’t need a doctor’s note to stand,” declared Kelly Starrett mid-way through this episode.

Kelly and his wife Juliet are on a mission – albeit, one they never expected to be on – to help normal folks like you and me reclaim our physiology.

As the Starretts see it, we’re making our physiology match our environment which is a huge mismatch and responsible for many of the modern diseases we’re suffering from as people. And even though many people exercise, they’re still sedentary outside the gym.

Not only are the Starretts teaching people from kids to adults how to stand (and do it better), they’re still bringing MobilityWOD to the masses. I had the good fortune of taking Kelly’s mobility certification four years ago, and it significantly impacted the way I still move as an athlete and how I coach others.

I know you’ll be inspired by this episode!

[bctt tweet = “Sedentarism is the 4th largest preventable killer worldwide.” @mobilitywod]

In This Episode of Harder to Kill Radio, You’ll Learn:

  • How Kelly & Juliet got started down the path they are on today
  • What they believe set the foundation for their success
  • Why risk-taking has been important in their lives
  • Why Kelly started MobilityWOD
  • Why they’re so passionate about empowering people to take care of their own bodies
  • What prompted them to write their new book, Deskbound (link below)
  • Why sitting is problematic for kids and adults
  • How to decrease the sedentarism in your day
  • How to optimize the sitting you must do
  • Five ways to ease your transition from sitting to standing

[bctt tweet = “You can be more awesome at athletics if you don’t sit all the time.” @mobilitywod]

Links & Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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Harder to Kill Radio 055 - MobilityWOD |

Harder to Kill Radio 055 - MobilityWOD |

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