The Art of Reinvention with Fat Tony: Harder to Kill Radio 011

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Harder to Kill Radio 011 - Fat Tony |

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The first time I met Fat Tony, he was a total stranger that’d just busted into my living room.

Fat was on assignment with his partner for a company called PurePharma, and they showed up at my house to film me talking about why I love PurePharma’s magnesium / zinc supplement, M3. We started shooting the breeze in between takes, and immediately, we clicked. Fat Tony and I both have a history of riding bikes (though he was into BMX and I was into its big-wheeled cousin, mountain biking). We’d both recently switched careers, and we both had podcasts.

Fat invited me on his show, The Expansion Project Ep 7, and it was clear we were flowing on the same wavelength. His enthusiasm for sport, photography, and this idea of living your life on your terms is contagious. I know you’ll find lessons in how he’s reinvented himself despite immense disappointment and challenges.

In This Episode of Harder to Kill Radio, You’ll Learn:

  • How he reinvented himself after a crushing career blow.
  • How podcasts expanded his mind and his content creation.
  • Why connecting to people through super cool conversations is his jam.
  • How he dumped his froyo and started a long lasting relationship with healthier food choices.
  • Why the “big reason” to start is so important.
  • Fat Tony’s idea about how to build unbreakable humans.

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Join me next week for Episode 12 with a special guest who’s helping people achieve true transformations to live their life purpose. You’re going to walk away feeling inspired!

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Harder to Kill Radio 011 - Fat Tony |

Harder to Kill Radio 011 - Fat Tony |

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