The Science of Performance with Dr. Steven Platek: Harder to Kill Radio 018

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Harder to Kill Radio 018 - Dr. Steven Platek |

Dr. Steven Platek, neuroscientist by day and accomplished athlete by night, sat down with me recently to rap about health, training, mindset and everything in between.

He’s all about using scientific knowledge to improve the training environment, emphasizing that,  “To be truly well-rounded individual, you have to be educated, fit…and have emotional wellness.” But Dr. Steve doesn’t just talk about the intersection of science and performance; he’s actually doing it.

As a master’s athlete—that’s the 40+ group in case you don’t know—for the Miami Surge NPGL team (think high-intensity exercise done as a group sport), he’s proof that approaching training intelligently means you can keep improving as you age. Dr. Steve brings up some really key pieces that a lot of athletes miss when they’re training hard for their sport, and also gives us some insight about the mental aspect of performance or as he states, “We can’t forget about what’s between the ears.”

I know you’ll appreciate his point of view and knowledge bombs because I sure did.

In This Episode of Harder to Kill Radio, You’ll Learn:

  • How he uses science to maximize performance
  • His 3-part equation for being a well-rounded individual
  • Tips for calming your mind and body—or ramping it up—when you need it most
  • All about flow and how to achieve it
  • The three things most people underestimate when it comes to training and recovery
  • Why personal optimization is more important than having a perfect body
  • Surprising findings about his research into the neuroscience of attractiveness

Links & Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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Join me next week for Episode 19 for my interview with a strongwoman advocate who’s helping other females discover their inner power.

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Harder to Kill Radio 018 - Dr. Steven Platek |


Harder to Kill Radio 018 - Dr. Steven Platek |

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